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Europe is importing Muslims to breed white women

People wonder why is Europe importing millions of Muslims from Arabia, Africa and even from Pakistan and Bangladesh. The refugees and migrants are predominantly Muslims and mostly males from these countries. Many people cannot find the answer as to why this is happening. Usually no one would invite you or give a shit about you or spend their time and resources if you are of no fucking use, everything has a reason and purpose.
The birth rate in various white countries of Europe is low along with ageing population.
Spain has one of the lowest fertility rates in the EU, with an average of 1.27 children born for every woman of childbearing age, compared to the EU average of 1.55.
In Italy the retired population is soaring, with the proportion of over-65s set to rise from 2.7% last year to 18.8% in 2050. Germany has the lowest birthrate in the world: 8.2 per 1,000 population between 2008 and 2013.

If they don’t allow refugees and migrants then Europe would face similar demographic crisis as Russia is facing today.
Bangladesh has more population than Russia which is the largest country in the world.
To cope with demographic crisis / declining population Russia introduced new immigration law in 2006 which encouraged the immigration of ethnic Russians living in various former soviet countries. Millions of white ethnic Russians immigrated to Russia but still that did not solve the problem because essentially the whites have low birth rate. The brith rate is still low and the Russian population is on a decline.
In 2009, 1.2 million abortions took place in Russia, the rate of abortions plus death rate is far greater than the birth rate. One reason why Putin seems to support christianity and christian values in the country is also because it forbids abortions and encourages traditional family but even this did not have any significant impact. 31% of Russians are 50 years old. In 10 to 15 years they will loose a significant amount of their population, the mortality rate is high and birth rate is unhealthy.

The other option Russia has is to import Muslims like other white European countries are doing but Russian government is unwilling to support the kind of multicultural race mixing that other white European countries do, thats why they only imported white ethnic Russians but now they are running out of ethnic Russians who want to return to Russia from former Soviet countries.

So why Europe chose Muslims when there are hundreds of other countries in the world where men are willing to come into Europe. Firstly there is a strong reason to take Muslim refugees and migrants at this time moreover Muslims from Arab and African lands are more likely to settle there and to cope with the demographic crisis that awaits Europe they need permanent settlers who are less likely to return home.
Secondly the white same race immigration in Russia from various former soviet republics failed to solve the problem. They cant breed women. White men are feminized. Foreign Muslims value masculinity its in their cultural ethos, they know how to handle a woman, they are expert breeders, they believe in traditional family system, Muslim seed is strong. They have high birth rate and they are highly potent. Therefore they are the best ones to fuck and breed fertile white women. The white European countries are also compensating for the decline in the white birth rate though Muslim immigration.
Thirdly it has to be mutual imagine if they import people from china and they are proving to be inefficient in breeding white women fucking them into submission that would be a great loss of both time and resources but with Muslims it is more likely to succeed, Muslims have the highest probability of success in this area. As I said it has to be mutual and white women have a hidden attraction towards muslim men from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Arab and African lands and men from these places can very easily dominate white women and white women willingly submit to their manhood plus foreign muslim culture also attracts white women, average convert to islam is 27 year old white woman. (white women going to refugees camps for sex)
The willingness do be dominated and rough fucked and to experience superior manhood also lands white women in the lap of muslim men. There are also Muslim men who are hungry to fuck and breed white women as a form of conquest which also makes many white women submissive towards them so its a win win situation.
Government Funded Website Teaches Muslim Migrants To Have Sex With White Women
New service helping Muslim migrants to hook up and bang white girls
White bois should relax, jack off and enjoy the breeding session.
If you join the dots you will know Muslims (real men) are in for fucking and breeding white women and giving the daughters of Europe what they really need for the survival of Europa.

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  2. I agree with all and Im always ready to be breeded by muslim men here in Norway.

  3. I heard Europe is making immigration easier for foreign Muslims in hopes of improving birth rate

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