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No wonder this guy has many indian hindu women followers but there are many hindu girls like that in the above pic who have massive ego & attitude like to flaunt their feminism in everything but this doesn’t work with stronger muslim males. Zyan Malik told something similar to his white gf

The pic below are taken from the article and it was written by a foreigner. Its true there are more men than women and the male to female sex ratio among hindus is very low,  muslim sex ratio is better than hindus.


There is a cultural difference now muslims don’t worship women in the temples they keep them in their beds and on their dicks and satisfy them to the core. They make the goddesses submit.

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This girl above speaks the truth without any deception.

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7 thoughts on “Every hindu girl would probably fuck this muslim guy

  1. It’s a very good sign that most of hindu girls are now willing to have a muslim BF and wants to marry them. We hindu people also should support our ladies for a secular and liberal society and a brighter future of world.

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