Facebook trend

Lonely and unsatisfied or hungry hindu women and girls come to facebook for sex and many of them fantasize about muslim cocks. There are so many groups and pages running on facebook about hindu women and musalman men. There are  many secret and private groups related to this, there are more women in such communities than those love jihad groups where there are hardly any girls. Some say that all are fake yes some can be fake but not all those hundreds and thousands of people who like them.

5 thoughts on “Facebook trend

  1. Fake honge but my experience has been good. Managed to meet 2 mighty mus masters from fb who fulfilled my desires and humiliated me the way i wanted. Respectful and classy lekin panty utrawate hi they become real masters

    1. Because when haters report such pages facebook deletes most of these pages if they have adult content but still they keep coming up.

  2. i wanna get humiliated in nastiest possible way under d mighty cocks of muslims. but my fb account of perm. blocked i need a new one plzz help me out u can keep d pass n use me nyway….(only paki or arabs)

    kik id is nancyhooter hit me up

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