Fact about my family Part 2

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mom affair

I am feeling very bad to inform this but if it’s a fact I have to accept this.
I earlier posted about my doubt over my mumma regarding her changed behavior towards one of our uncle.
It was my doubt earlier but I accept that truly that yes she has gone beyond everything and even meeting him hiddenly. if conservative women like my mumma can be so,what to say about others.
Very hard for me to digest this fact that my mumma at this age is doing such stuff.
Thinking about the repo of my family and our family I am unable to disclose this to others.
Kindly suggest what step should I take ?

Accept this as a failure of your father rather than blaming your mom. In the quest to relish the earthly desires your mom finds the muslim cock which she deems worthy.

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  1. Divya… Openly discuss your problem. Beyond means what? Doing sex with him? If u cant put here mail me [email protected]

  2. sharmana kaisa..jb yaha aa hi gayi…to khul kbolo…

  3. @jaya,
    I think you better understand what I mean.

  4. @admin,
    What’s the fault of my papa.
    It’s all about brainwashing of mumma.

  5. Divya I was right at that moment but you didn’t believed me

  6. These days, most of the girls/women are sexually frustrated. The Hindu guys, like your dad and us, loose their hunger and deprive their wife. A reason good enough for your mom to get satisfied somewhere else.

  7. Divya be brave and tell us. We can help you

  8. Eik bar jo muslim say chud jati hai woh usi ho jati hai,,,,koi garam hindu f jo sex chat karna chati ho muje hangout pay add karo [email protected]

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