Fact about my family


This is not a matter of pride for us but there is something true about relationships between Muslim men and Hindu women.
The biggest example i am watching in my own family (my momma)
I can’t say weather I am right or wrong but after observing the change in her behavior I can certainly say that she is getting snatched by one of our society Uncle(Rahim).
I have seen her never even exposing her face to strangers but how he is frankly openly talking, chatting on phone is out if my thought.
Uncle is continuously doing the trick.
I dont know weather how far their relationship went but I am in an awkward position to what step should I initiate ??

20 thoughts on “Fact about my family

  1. You should talk to Rahim and let him know your desire to see her getting fucked by Rahim.. this will ease his attempts and he could visit mom in your presence… Rest assured your mom is going to be slut of Muslims soon

    1. You should never talk like such.
      I never want these things to happen but shared what I am witnessing.i myself want to end these things
      And please never share your unwanted comment over here.
      If any one having any useful advice.
      Plz mail me
      [email protected]

  2. Personal problem shared to get my doubt clear and to share what I am witnessing regarding her.
    Do not be vulgar.
    I need good suggestion that what should I do ?? plz .
    If any thing Kindly mail me ([email protected].com)

  3. your mother is woman too and she has all rights to enjoy and fulfil her desire. she is married and has daughter doens’t mean she has to kill her desire and lust for hardcore sex. Let her live her life and you live urs..

    kik: deviarti

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