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I am a working women. Most of the time in a year, hubby will be in abroad. I used to chat in omegle when I get bored. I used to like if someone dominates me. One day, I had a very hot chat with one person in omegle. He gave me this site address. Morally if you ask me, I might not support any statements that says all hindu women are born to be sex slaves for muslim men. But on a personal note, I have fantasies of me getting dominated by muslim men. I do enjoy the articles and the videos sections in this site. They really make me horny. Please keep posting. Now this has become my first site to visit when I am alone and horny.


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  1. welcome to interfaithxxx dear, as per your statement i have some points to share with you, accodring to to your fantasy yes every single hindu female have same fantasy who want to be dominate by a muslim..2nd point is this is also fact that the hindu female want relationship with muslims secretly coz as per many hindu female have discussed with me that they get more enjoyment in absence of their hindu impotent hubby…3rd point is that the hindu female even dont care hindu religion ahead of intercourse with the muslim coz many many things they discussed with me which is prohibited in hindu religion coz of sex enjoyment with muslims….feel free to contact with me at kik : smartykhan81 hangout : [email protected]

  2. hi naved . i am riya agarwal a married sanskari housewife. i never like muslim male but when i come to this site my mind will change towards them and now i always think about sex with a muslim guys who have huge dick than my hubby he is having a small one. add me on hangout my id is [email protected]

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