Female dentist fucked by rough bearded muslim

I am a 39 year old hindu woman and a dentist by profession. I have a clinic in ********, its a small town.
My name is Dr. ****** N***. I dont want to reveal my full name as my profile & clinic name would show up on google if searched which I dont want.
This incident happened 2 years ago. It was just another day in the clinic. Apart from me there are two other people who work in the clinic. One is receptionist and other is my assistant. I keep the clinic open till 8:30, it was almost 9 PM and I was packing up to go home. My receptionist and assistant had already left. I am usually the last one to leave as I have to lock the clinic and keep the key with me.

That night a bearded 45 year old muslim guy in a white kurta pyjama entered the clinic. He wanted to get a checkup. I told him to come tomorrow, the clinic is closed but he insisted.
He said he wants to get a teeth filled. I told him that I wont be able to do the filling without my assistant but nothing seemed to convince him.

At the end he said at least do a checkup and tell me if there are other teeth which requires filling.
I though there is no point arguing with his fool so lets do a quick checkup and be done with it.
I asked his age he was 45. I am usually in lab coat while attending patients but since I had packed up I was in t-shirt.
I noticed this man eying my boobs, I felt annoyed but I had a job to do. He was lying down as I was checking his teeth. Suddenly he started moving his legs it caught my attention I looked there and saw a huge pole like structure. He was in pyjama so his erection was even more evident.

Next he said: Ho gaya checkup is the checkup done.
I said yes its done, I told him there is one more teeth.
He said: Ek aur checkup karlo, I need to get one more thing checked.
There is a little lump on my testicle, he said.
I told him to go to a dermatologist, but again he started insisting even said he is poor and cant afford another doctor.
He pulled down his pyjama and took out his cock, said ek baar dhek lo mere ek testicle mai foda ho gaya hai.
I was hopeless, saw his giant dick, there was no lump on his testicle.
I knew his dick is hard for a reason and that reason is me.
Next he quickly grabbed me and I couldn’t do anything.
He started kissing my lips and licking my neck as I felt his rough bearded face over my skin.
He started talking dirty said, man to tera bhi karta hoga bada loda lene ko.
It happened so quickly that I couldn’t even realize it felt like its a dream, then I came to my senses and started resisting.
He grabbed me even more firmly. Next he caught my right hand and made me grab his big circumcised dick. His dick was in my fist as he was in control of my hand. He grabbed my fist and started directing it. I was literally giving him a hand job.
Then he stripped me naked and started sucking my boobs and kissed me everywhere.
When he touched my pussy thats when I started to loose my senses.
He laid me down and opened my legs. I hadn’t had sex with my husband since 5 days. I had planned tonight I would have a romantic night with by hubby but this was totally unexpected a stranger bearded muslim guy was going to fuck me open and I did very little to resist him.
Now I was completely passive.

So he opened my legs and rested his huge dick in my pussy, I could feel the weight of his organ.
His rubbed the head of his circumcised cock on my hindu pussy, it is almost a customary thing for muslim men to rub their ritualistic circumcised dick heads on the pussy lips and clitoris, they want to give you a taste.

Next he pushed his massive organ inside me it was the biggest I had ever experienced. He fucked me for a while but when he saw that I am starting to enjoy it, he pulled his dick out and moved it close to my lips while I was laying down. I knew he wanted me to suck his dick, he wanted me to earn it. So I opened my mouth and he moved it inside, his hard circumcised rod was a pleasure to suck. I liked how hard it was for me.
After getting his dick sucked exhaustively he then rubbed his wet dick on my nose and cheeks. He rubbed his thick cock head on my diamond nose stud, seemed a bit uncanny but he was enjoying his.

Next he opened my warm legs again this time ready to fuck his fill. He inserted his thick cock inside my pussy and started fucking me intensely as I began to loose my mind. I held him firmly in my arms as if it was my husband.
Seeing my reaction he started talking dirty that I am getting mad for his bid dick and that my husband doesn’t satisfy me. He fucked me for 2 hours I was exhausted. He filled my pussy with his hot cum 3 times. I went home driving my car and couldn’t stop thinking about that sex session lost in a different world.
Since then I have had sex with quite a few muslim males.

12 thoughts on “Female dentist fucked by rough bearded muslim

  1. ye sach hai hindu ko asli mazaa muslim hi deta hai . hamare ghar ek muslim driver tha usse didi ne sadi kar li mere daddy ne kaffi oppse kiya but didi nahi mani . ab vo mujhe bhi chodta hai or didi ko bhi.

    1. congrats ruchika g aapko aaur aapki didi ko ki aap dono ko fauladi muslim lund mil raha hai…. 🙂 aapne bilkul thik kaha….hamari maa behenon ko muslim mard hi chod kar satisfy kar sakte hain….thik jaise meri sexy mom aur sis ko ahmad chacha aur Hassan jiju chodte hain 🙂 aur main ye sab dekh kar muth marta hoon 🙂

  2. A big circumcised muslim cock can weaken even the most loyal of Hindu wives. Initially the body gives in to the senses but the mind is still saying NO. But once it goes beyond a point, her mind also falls in line with her body and she wants it really bad.
    I know because I have been with some Hindu women who were rabidly anti-muslim in their views, but once they saw my cock they just turned submissive.

  3. that’s absolutely right, aftab ‘jiju’ 😛 it took place with even my sexy hot Bengali mom who besides having a sexy body just like her Bengali sisters 🙂 , also tends to show off her gorgeous navel by wearing her saare 3 inches below it…. 🙂 thus seducing most of the muslim men in our area 😛 and with dad too away in the USA 😉 ultimately gave in to our neighbour ahmad chacha’s mighty 9 inch circumcised 9 inch musalmani cock….now chacha gives her pleasure of ‘jannat’ and fucks her daily….which even I see sometimes from a rear window and masturbate…. seeing my mom happy and sexually contented gives me also immense satisfaction 🙂

    1. Rahul,
      Your mom must be really beautiful. How old is she and how old is Ahmed Chacha.
      This is what happens. For Hindu men marriage is over once they give their wife 1 – 2 kids and then they get busy with their career. In muslims it is other way round. We like to keep our women/ other women happy in bed.

      1. ya aftab g my mom is very beautiful and sexy even at 51…. would give rekha or moonmoon sen a run for her money 🙂 ahmad chacha is 47….and ya right….dad’s too busy in career n all based in the US for long months n years….which is leading to all this 🙂 u may contact me here:
        and yaa….muslim janabs really satisfy our hindu didis n muslim didis….hence I call them muslim jijus 🙂

        1. Rahul,
          hmmm. Ahmed chacha may be really relishing each every inch of your mom’s body. He may also be planting his muslim seed inside her, which your mom’s womb may be also wanting badly. Soon she may run away with Ahmed chacha because I have seen many such cases.

          1. aftab g, ahmad chach indeed is doing so….perhaps yes he’s breeding her….in that case I will welcome my younger bro/sis 🙂 and I too am longing for the day when he takes her to the masjid and does nikah with her and converts us both 🙂 would be great to embrace this great religion in case if it happens. plz contact me on [email protected]

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