Female statistics

This website gets around 40% Female Indian visitors and 10 to 14 thousand views per day.

Here are some statistics from a small survey.

30% of the hindu females who visited this site weren’t really surprised as they had seen such erotic content on similar topic before and craved for more on the topic so they enjoyed the content on this website more than ever.

15% of the hindu females who visited this site got a new sexual fantasy as they were getting bored with their old fantasies and thoughts and wanted something new and different which they got here.

10% of the hindu females didn’t like the content, felt embarrassed and stopped visiting the site.

35% of the hindu females at first didn’t like the content but later after a few visits they started getting overwhelmed by such sexual fantasy. Now such content makes them wet and they can hardly control themselves.

10% of the females have mixed feelings, sometimes they are unable to control themselves and enjoy the content and sometimes they try to stay away because they feel guilty afterwards but its just the beginning it starts this way.

70 % of the females found this website on social media and other webstes, many got here when they saw their friends sharing it on sites like facebook where large number of Indians create a separate profile for adult chat and stuff.
30% of the females got to this webiste when they were searching some kind indian porn on google.
Not a surprise as India among the top 3 countires as far as number of porn viewers are concerned.


54 thoughts on “Female statistics

  1. I am addicted to this site. I am a very innocent girl in real life at least that is the impression my near and dear ones have about me. I wonder if ever they come to know I am into such stuff then what would happen 😛

    1. Well, that’s so exciting about that nobody knows about your kink and it keeps burning inside you. What is more interesting is that you wanna everyone to know about your kink and yet you make sure that this stays secretly hidden inside you.
      Let me know if you wanna discuss it further. 😉

    2. Hema, that’s what makes it so exciting that nobody knows about it and yet it keeps burning inside like a captured bird trying to come out of the cage. What is more interesting is that I think you wanna know everyone to know about your kink and yet you make sure that this secret stays inside you.
      Let me know if you wanna discuss more about it. 😉

  2. Welcome Anupriya aur Hema..tumhari hindu behene to maje kar rahi hai..tum bhi aao maje lene aur tumhari aur beheno ko bhi saath lana

  3. I dont like first time but now my thinking is totaly change and like to read all contant of the site .specialy when my hoby not at home or out of india.I get more enjoy when thinking abt muslim big cock.also thinking to enjoy big muslim cock In real life.

  4. Nothing can be more truthfull than this article my suchi who commented here also belongs to 35 %of the female who got mixed feelings after reading it…when I first started chatting with her she explored her deepest fantasies and I too helped her in every possible way now after a month she is my Hindu whore though she got a Hindu bf who is not worthy enough to sleep with her on attraction with suchi is mutual she not only want me on her bed but want to do all kinds of notty things like abusing spitting spanking dominance etc which she cant get from her Hindu bf…suchi you are my real Hindu rand,kutiya,chinal maa ki lavdi or meri gand chatne wali Hindu madarchod…but I repect u alot as well that’s y I am urging to all guys plz stop pinging her she is mine now

    1. That’s as true as this earth and the sky above it.I always had this kinky desire to get owned by a muslim guy, the reason being obvious. However, certain things come in pairs- one such thing is sexual fantasy- and it comes with ‘guilt’. when i started exploring my fantasy, i’d feel guilt taking over afterwards. The overwhelming guilt and the even more overwhelming fantasy and urge to fulfill it was too much for a young girl like me to bear. Then came Faiz in my life- like a breath of fresh air. He taught me the means and ways to to enjoy my fantasy and keep the guilt at bay. Now, after spending so much time with Faiz, i’ve become his personal property- or rather his slut, raand, whore, bitch (if one prefers to use coarse lanugage)

  5. Suchi after exploring the fantasies and meeting me you can tell the difference between old suchi who was a nerd and the one who is gonna be hot wife in future…i always knew there is a hidden talent inside you which needs to come out I am really blessed meeting you…looking forward to do more kinky things in future and will take our relationship to a new level, the level which cant be achieved by any guy in the future I own you and you are only mine…

  6. Yes Faiz! I’m gonna take your help to become a ‘hot’ wife and the envy of the town.The other guys can watch us while we fulfill the darkest possible fantasied within the reach of human imagination.All those ‘silly’ imbecile, nitwit pricKs can wach us and shag their small dicks- be it muslim or hindu. I’m now owned by you and will always remain your faithful slut.

  7. Jo Jo bakbaaskarte Hai. Unhe kuchkaam nahi Hai
    tum Jo chahe likho kitna bhi kuch bhi
    Sabhi Muslim se nivedan Hai ki apni Apni kahani likhe
    me aapko kuch nahi kahungi kyinki aapki site par aapko likhne ka adhikar Hai
    chahe to use bhi kare full I aajadi
    Mixingkaro OK

  8. I am a hindu brahmin from mumbai. i come here everyday to read stuff. i hav dated muslims in my college and know how good and kind they are. i do roleplay and voice chat on fb to fulfill my needs.

  9. meri Behan ka naam rupa he…usne 20 saal ki hote and the huye pathan se shadi ki..pathan ne uski gaand 1 saal tak maari…or use talk deke dhoka deke bhaag gayaa….an uski gaand ka wazan 100 kg se zyada …or size 80 inch se zyaada he ..WO thick se chal b nhu paati..gaand motto hone ki wazab se koj shaadi bhi nhu kar RHA he….or usne talk k baaf muhalle k Muslim gakir bacche buddhe sab k kind ka paani apne gaand me lenaa chalu kiyaa he iskk wazan se uski gaand charbii ho gai he…

  10. abe raju teri behan ki pathani lund ne fad diya kya bat h…teri didi naseeb vali h jo pathani lund mila….ni to pathani lund bahut hi bade khatrnak hote h…ache achi hindu ladkiya pathani lund k liye marti h…kabhi dekha h pathani lund…apna koi dost pathan h to dkhna….m to dkha h bahut socking jaandaar hota h mano aag ka gola….tijhe to pata chal hi gya hoga teri didi ki gaand se fad fad k badi ho gyi hongi..puchna teri didi ko ki tatti ka hole kitna bda ho gya …teri hindu didi ab tatti bi taklif m rhengi ..pathani lund ka power dekh k….ter liy achi bat hki teri didi n pathani lund khaya h…

  11. I m married n mother of 2 kids but I don’t know why I feel excite when see Muslim man who comment dirty on me when going to market in Muslim first time I feel very bad but now like it.some time thinking to enjoy with a Muslim man but scared.

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