FEMDOM hindu woman and cuckold husband or boyfriend

Things every hindu cuckold husband or boyfriend should accept

Hindu men need to accept the simple fact that sexually, most women prefer a man with a big cock. There are some exceptions, but not many. Exceptions include women who married young, women without a lot of sexual experience, and women who experienced sexual trauma at a young age.

With women empowerment more hindu women are becoming independent and they are choosing how to live their lives. They are exploring their sexuality like never before. Indian hindu women are third highest ‘female consumers’ of porn in the world as revealed by pornhub data.
Now since hindu women are getting in control they have started taking their own decisions. They are choosing which dicks they want to fuck and after getting sexual experience they tend to prefer circumcised muslim dick. So as more and more hindu women become free and independent they are bound to naturally fancy muslim’s circumcised dick. Its a completely natural phenomenon.

(Real fact) According to a UCLA study, 63% of women prefer circumcised cocks, 22% prefer uncircumcised cocks, and the rest have no preference.
According to (Women’s Health website mag) over 54 percent of women said they prefer a circumcised penis. Of the other half, 33 percent of women said they had no preference and only 3 percent preferred an uncircumcised guy.

women prefer circumcised dick

In all these surveys majority of these free women prefer circumcised dicks. Some women have little experience therefore they can’t decide so say they have no preference.
So hindu men need to understand that hindu women’s preference for circumcised Muslim dicks is natural and moreover the taboo factor involved with the muslim guy plus the thrill of doing the forbidden also adds up enormously, psychologically its much more intense and erotic for a hindu woman to have sex with a muslim guy. A muslim male is seen as more virile and manly in the society. As more and more hindu women excercise their free will and liberty the sway towards muslim’s powerful circumcised cock is completely natural and imminent.

Women find a large erect cock extremely erotic.
Women love performing oral sex on big circumcised cocks.
Big cocks and large testicles provide more vaginal pleasure for women during intercourse.

Most hindu women are attracted to muslim males, they find them more manly and attractive. For many, muslim male is their favorite bedroom fantasy, it is more exciting a heart pumping for obvious reasons. Many women are afraid to admit this because of the society or they don’t reveal it because they want don’t want to hurt hindu male’s fragile ego. Some dominant hindu women don’t care about it they love to show off that their partner is a muslim or try to indicate that they prefer a muslim man they like to wear their liberty and freedom on their sleeve and assert that they are in complete control of their men and society. Hindu men should worship such women.

According to the UCLA study, about 28% of women will stay with a man that they would otherwise want to break up with just because he has a large cock and satisfies her sexually.
About 52% of women will stay with a sexually unsatisfying man just for his money. About 77% of those women will eventually cheat on their husband, and have sex with other men. About 38% of those women will eventually become impregnated by another man. Most of those husbands never find out about their wife’s infidelity, and will unknowingly end up raising another man’s child as their own.

About 73% of women would like their husband or boyfriend to have a larger penis. A Women find small penises frustrating, boring, unexciting, and embarrassing.

Most women who are married to a man with a small penis are with him for his money, his social status, or because they love him for different reasons. Most of them will still, however, eventually cheat on him and have sex with other men.

Women always notice the bulge in a man’s crotch, and look for it.
Women find big cocks impressive.
Women look up to, admire, and are attracetd to confident, masculine men.

When a woman goes out with a confident masculine man, and discovers that he has a small penis, she finds the experience disappointing, embarrassing, and will usually find an excuse not to see him again.

The idea that women prefer caring, sensitive man regardless of penis size, is a myth (often propagated by highly educated small-penis white men).

If a woman says that size doesn’t matter, it’s usually because her husband or boyfriend has a small penis, and she’s trying to protect his fragile ego. She doesn’t actually believe that any more than she still believes in the Easter bunny. A woman’s most potent weapon is manipulation, women choose their words wisely according to the situation, so if you believe that she doesn’t care about penis size you are an idiot.

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