Fert!l!ty cl!n!c for H!ndu w!fe Soc!al Serv!ce by Musl!m mard

My name is Radha.I never thought I’d get pregnant. I’d been trying with my husband for almost three years but no success.there are new neighbors(Sameer and Pooja) moved in across the street in our area and we had invited them over One evening.

Sameer and Pooja had talk on one topic that changed our life forever. Pooja knew a guy who said he could guarantee a pregnancy for any woman who still had her ovaries and that he was really reasonable priced. Pooja denied to tell the particulars about procedure but that she was pregnant after only one session at the fertility clinic. After inquiry I found out there are 5-10 hindu wife in our area that got pregnant after that clinic.

I had just turned 25 and Shivam was three months away from 30 Up until three years ago when we started trying for a baby we’d always been too busy and now that we hadn’t had any success.

We’d gone to the doctor and apparently my husband’s sperm count wasn’t all that great.

So you might understand why I was interested in what Pooja had to say about her friend. when Pooja said that this clinic had “reasonable” prices my ears perked up, as I m little bit more conservative in spending the money though we are very rich.

Pooja had given me the contact number of clinic. And after much thought I called at them the very next morning.

The voice on the other end of the phone was pleasant and he sounded like a professional. He told me that I would have to pay up front and sign a consent paper that any right to sue for of the procedure. he said this was a precaution required to keep the price down.

I still don’t know why I did it. Maybe it was the attractive guy in the smartly cut business suit who came to the house that evening to help us with the paperwork. he seemed so positive that I’d get a baby from this procedure. he had said that almost 90% of all women who they served got pregnant from just one procedure.

Whatever the reason I signed those papers, I did so with the expectation that I would be taken the very next afternoon. It was amazing, to be scheduled so fast…!


Shivam took me to the clinic which is surprisingly at Muslim slum area at 3 o’clock the next afternoon. I was met by a good looking guy who told my husband that he could come back after 9 that evening to pick me up. When he said that he would like to stay the man told him that it was impossible for a spouse to be present when the procedure was in process. It was usually too trying for the spouse since there was some minor pain and discomfort involved.

Shivam started to argue with the man but I held up my hand and insisted that he leave and come back to pick me up as instructed.

Shivam finally agreed and left.

All staff of clinic was also Muslim man. One guy lead me to another room. room that was dimly lit with a table in the middle of the room. It didn’t look like an operating room, I was instructed to undress and to put on a lose hospital gown. One Muslim staff handed me a paper cup with a pink liquid in it and told me to drink it all.

I took it in one gulp. It had to have a high alcohol content I think.

I sat on the padded table and waited. It wasn’t long before my head was spinning and I felt woozy.


The next thing I remember was noise. It sounded like I was at a party, there were voices, lots of voices. My mind was foggy and I felt so funny, like I was out of my own body. But I wasn’t and the thing that suddenly became clear to me was that someone was on top of me.

I opened my eyes and looked about me with bleary vision. I could sort of make out people standing around, it looked like the place was packed. I was having a hard time seeing anything clearly, but I knew deep down that the room was packed with men and it smelled of sweat and something else…

Then I felt the person on top of me settle down and to my amazement I felt something slippery enter me. What? What was happening to me? I was being screwed right then and there — in a room full of men! And most shocking is that the guy who fucking me is Muslim in room full of all Muslim man.

As the man on top of me grunted and thrust it became clear to me what was going on. Fear and adrenalin cleared my vision and suddenly I realized that I was the center of attention, surrounded by men. I tried to get up, to push the man off me but I quickly realized that my arms and legs were strapped down.

I tried to scream at the man to get off me, but my mouth had something tied over it so all I could do was moan through the material and weekly struggle against my restraints. Another push, and her eyes shot open wide. “Oh My God, Shivam had never been that deep before!”

Muslim men(Javed) could see the amazement in her eyes, as he was giving this Hindu wife feelings she had never experienced before. He slowly started pulling out, and he could feel her cunt’s muscles almost trying to hold him in, and then another shove.

Yes, Javed really enjoyed fucking Hindu women. A new Hindu woman, especially a Hindu married woman, was always a joy to fuck. He loved to take control over them, and show them no mercy.

He hissed: “I wanted a hindu bitch like you in a position like dis all my life. Now you’s go’ get it, you fuckin’ hindu, trash !!!”

They were cheering on their Muslim brother who they could now clearly hear banging the living shit out of some Richy upper class hindu wife. They were just loving it!

And so was I…as the pounding I was receiving drove on and on. All I could think was, “Oh my God, how can he do it? How can he keep up this pace?”

Slam! Slam! Slam! He drove on giving me more and more of a ramming from his awesome Muslim weapon. Slam! Slam! Slam! I felt I was being ridden until I was completely broken, subdued. Bam! Bam! Bam! He was slamming away at greater and greater speed and power

As he slammed his oversized organ deep into my womb he also slammed me and the whole bed into the wall. The racket we made between his body slapping into mine, the bed slamming into the wall, and my ooohhs and ahhhss with each penetrating hump was creating a loud racket.

I could hear the all Muslim men in room whooping it up in the hotel, cheering, whistling, laughing, and shouting all matter of lewd and crude remarks about the hindu whore Javed was “givin’ some life time fucking to”.

Then my eyes flew wide as I felt this strange man’s body stiffen and heard him gasp as he emptied himself into me. I soon realized I was screaming, clutching him to me, my legs wrapped up around his pumping ass, his hips still pounding madly into my vaginal channel, breaking my pussy wide open like no man had ever done. All I could do was lie there and take it.

he said, “If Hindu wifes like you just give dis Muslim man a chance, we will make you one happy, little Hindu slut for Muslim dick.”

I knew I would forever be this Muslim men’s slut for the rest of my life.

I was in shock as he pulled out of me and another Muslim man climbed onto me.

I struggled trying to move my unprotected opening away from this man’s stiff hard-on. I didn’t want him to fuck me. I struggled for a moment until someone beside us reached over and held my hips allowing the man to penetrate me.

“Maybe it’ll be twins,” he laughed, As second Muslim man duck me.

“Maybe, if it’s triplets, one’ll be a pervert, too!” Third Muslim guy in que told to me. Radha’s body trembled at the thought and this vibration and movement added to Muslim cock pleasure.

“Go for it, you dirty slut. You whore. You must be a slut to allow strange men to fuck you just so you can get pregnant,” he said,

Apparently they had given me something that knocked me out long enough so that they could strap me down and then they invited what looked like 10 – 15 Muslim of men into to the place to fuck me.

This couldn’t be happening to me! It was so outrageous that I had a hard time believing that I wasn’t just dreaming.

It went on like this for what seemed like forever. I was forced to accommodate all kinds of men. The All Muslim men were eager to fuck me and there was nothing I could do to stop them. My mind soon became numb as one Muslim man after other Muslim man mounted me and shot his seed deep into my pure hindu body, mixing his essence along with all those others.

When they finally stopped coming, I was an exhausted mass lying on that table totally wasted. My body throbbed and every muscle in my body ached.

I knew I would forever be this Muslim men’s slut for the rest of my life.

As the last of the men filed out of the room, the handsome man untied my wrists and ankles and removed the gag from my mouth. I was too exhausted to fight them or to yell my outrage. I just let them help me up from the table and lead me into another room. There I had a long hot shower I was then led back into the waiting room.

The handsome young man sat down beside me and took my hands in his and looked into my eyes and said, “You will most probably become pregnant Mrs. Shivam Sharma. You have just had unprotected sex with 10 -15men, including myself,” he smiled sweetly at that. “We find that with a huge verity of different Muslim men’s sperm the likelihood of pregnancy is greatly increased.

“We do however, offer a guarantee, that if you don’t become pregnant from the first procedure we will offer you a second one at half price and continue the procedure on that basis until you do become pregnant by Muslim lund.”

He then smiled and again looked searchingly into my eyes and continued, “We suggest that you keep the actual procedure details to yourself. You should probably not even tell your husband the specifics. We find that spouses might become upset, and there have even been cases were divorce was the outcome.”

Just then the door to the waiting room opened and Shivam walked in. He looked at me and smiled, “I hope this was all worth it sweat heart. How do you feel? He asked.

I just looked up at him and said, “Tired, very, very tired.”


That was 14 months ago. It turned out that I was one of those rare cases that took three goes to get pregnant. As I almost began to enjoy the Fucking got by this all Muslim men. After all it was for a good cause, we did want a baby after all.

My only real concern is – that after pregnancy can I control myself… as now I m now addicted to Muslim cock…. And one more thing as agreed by my husband we want 4-5 children….I referred another 3 hindu wife at that clinic also… and they are also pregnant… I m very thankful to this Muslim Mard for their Social service to Hindu Wifes like me…. are you or your wife also want to be pregnant… are you ready….

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  1. Radha ji ahesan mano musalmano ka jo aap ko pregnent kar diya. Aise musalmani ko inam milana chahiye. Mujhe aise musalman bahut pasand h jo hamari sadisuda hindu bahan chodate h. Mera bus chale to aise musalmano ko inam du

  2. Great service by Muslims
    Waise most Hindu women know this sure shot way to pregnancy

  3. Muslims sperm is sooo powerful. It can make any woman pregnant. Sabse zyada pregnant karne k clinic muslims hi chalate hain ..

    Kik: deviarti

  4. This clinic is also in Delhi.
    I was suggested to be a part when I have to say no, as I believe in complete satisfactory pleasure with dedicating one at a time & I can’t do it just for money, attraction matters.

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