Food Strength and manhood musalmans on the top

In the Dr. Jacobus survey the largest Arab penises were found to be between eight and ten inches; but it was among the Muslim Sudanese that Jacobus found “the most developed phallus” – notably “one of the maximum dimensions, being nearly 12 inchs in length, by a diameter of 2- in.”

In the Dr. Jacobus survey the indian Hindu man was reckoned to have a penis that only averaged around 4 inches, a much smaller figure than for the other races investigated.

I am not saying this, here is the source:

No offense most of these penis survey show that indian hindu men have the smallest penis. Due to the similar trends in most of these penis surveys there is no reason for me to believe otherwise.

So did most Indian men historically had small penis and the hindu women only saw bigger dicks after the muslims from the arab lands entered india and coupled with hindu women which produced children with different genes who grew up to be men with bigger penis.

The food we eat is often linked to strength and different cultures have different food. The arab muslims mainly ate meat and other non-vegetarian food, one main reason for this is that the Arab lands are not fertile as Indian lands for growing vegan foods like fruits and other crops. An important fruit that the Arab lands are blessed with is Dates (khajoor) and interestingly it is a fruit which is very good for sexual power/vigor.
“Dates are rich in amino acids , which are known to increase sexual stamina.. “The act of eating dates can be very sexual,” Isadora says. “They melt in your mouth. It’s the kind of thing you could feed to your lover in bed.”

It seems like it was the plan of allah who made things like this, the Musalmans ate non-vegan food and Dates(khajoor) and became stronger which reflected in various battles as the Musalmans conquered fertile India and many other parts of the world. The white British also conquered India but there is a difference the British occupied India like cowards they avoided open battles, they occupied India by their cleaver economic policies and divide and rule tactic not through 1 vs 1 battles. British had a small army there were more locally-recruited sepoys than the British troops in India. Now the game is changing the white men are feeling the heat  as the musalmans are opening white women’s pussy 😉  and  obviously white women are loving muslim dicks, it feels so much better.

Food also becomes a subject of politics.

vegan hindu

A small percentage of hindus say to compete with the muslims they have to eat beef and other non-veg food while most of them disagree on this.
Some white nationalists in the west say their food is poisoned and junk and they are usually against GMO food which they say is a conspiracy.

In all of this politics whether true of false, the musalmans are on the safer side with Halal food, its good halal food available in the west  for the musalmans, the almighty planned everything for the musalmans before hand and it reflects in their laws.

power of halal food

The Twist
Hindu girls supporting beef for musalmans.

chetana Thirthahalli hot

chetana thirthahalli beef

In the above pic it is Kannada writer Chetana Thirthahalli who came forward and endorsed beef consumption in support of musalmans and there are countless other hindu women like shobha de and others who are support it.

Hindu women enjoying beef party in Kerala with musalmans.

hindu girls beef party

beef party

Liberal kerala hindu wife enjoying harder and bigger circumcised rods of beef eaterz musalman.

muslim lund hindu girl

There are hindu brahmins and jains who don’t even eat onions and garlic and these two foods boost sexual libido. One of the reasons why many Brahmin and Jain women remain unsatisfied after the marriage and then they flock to Ashley Madison or start an affair with a musalman and the hindu guys are left searching on google why hindu girls like muslim men. Once they get a musalman then it becomes very hard for them to go back. If we see the trend of marriages between hindu girls and muslim boys in india then you will find that most of the girls are brahmins.


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  4. Please we request that the Muslims must breed us hindu women, and we will give birth to powerful muslim children and feed them beef. We need those children to become strong and powerful, so that they can invade the coward British and bring back all our stolen wealth and Jewels.
    India was the richest country in the world during Mughal rule and hindu women remained so satisfied during that time. We had all the wealth and sex in the whole world. Then these evil british came in and took all our wealth away and made us work as labourers. We used to be beautiful and rich sex slaves to muslims, and these british turned us to slave labourers.
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    Muhammad was right about Ghazwa-E-Hind. He knew that a Islamicized India will be a superpower and thus make Muslims the most powerful people in the world. May Allah bless us. We want superpower and huge wealth returning back to India.
    Please musalmans will you help us realize this dream.

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  6. Totally agree with this article. I am 35 and a hindu palakkad iyer by birth. I live in kerala and participated in beef party in kerala. I think beef should be legal and encouraged in india. It will help with virility and sexual libido of many hindu men especially vegetarians. Lot of benefits for women. I was anemic for many years which made weak and lose interest in sex. After I started eating more meat especially beef, I am stronger, fitter and enjoy sex a lot more. My husband divorced me after he found out my love for meat few years ago. Through my fight to keep beef legal, met a muslim man 20 years older than me. Even though he was much older, he knew how to love me and keep me happy. We married last year and I converted to islam. I have been raising my 18 year old daughter as a muslim and looking for a muslim groom since I would never let her ruin her life by marrying a hindu. The penis sizes mentioned here is spot on. My husband cock is big and beautiful and sex is actually enjoyable. I hope more hindu women read this and realize the advantages of being with muslim men.

  7. very true..We are all eating non veg and brahmin women are veg..Thats why it is working like fire in bed.
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  8. Thats why every india want visit Pakistan.

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  16. its about attitude and boldness and in D N A sir nothingh with eating habit you took eqal no of boys from both comunity even took some christan boys (beef eating) then you will find nothingh will change muslim boys never think twise before hitting a girl inrespective of her economic and social status and many time suceed while hindu boys think agar maine ye kaha to wo kya kahegi kahi bura na man jai , and muslim closely guard there women flocks so they keeping scoring without loosing there own wickets and win matches !!!!

  17. Sach to sach hota hai beef khaane se hamaare andar jo power store rahti hai wo ye hindu girls hi acchi tarah se jhel sakti hai… maine jab apni ek hindu gf saath sex kiya aur jab usne mera muslim cum piya to usne feel kita ki uski energy jo khatm ho chuki hai mere cum ko pine ke chalte waapis aa gaii….
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  19. I myself belong to a pure jain family.. but belive its true that beef eating muslim man are really stronger than any veg. Or hindu guy. Also beef khane se agressive ho jate hai muslim ladke.. aur rough aur wild to shayad unke genes me hi hai.. maine apne hato se mere muslim bf ko beef khilaya hai.. and later he was really like a bull .. mujhe bhi voh zabardasti taste karvata hai har baar aur mana karne per mujhse door ho jata hai… uska lund betne ka naam nai leta and bahot roughly treat karta hai mujhe.. uska lund mere ander lene ko main kuch bhi kha sakti hun… jain air brahmin ladke kisi kaam ke nai hai..

  20. 4 inches bhi nahi…Meri to sirf 2 inch ki lulli hai…

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