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A daughter-in-law of a proud Brahmin family, never before had a muslim stepped inside their house. Seeing her with a muslim man like this may make one look down in shame but it will always lift up the dick. Mr. Mukesh got the shock of his life when he saw his beautiful wife enjoying being fondled by a musalman bull. In the next instance, unexpectedly he gets the hardest boner of his of life.

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15 thoughts on “Forbidden fruit tastes so good: Spellbound H Wife erotic captions

  1. Is pyasi Aurat ki Isi ke bed room ka door khol kar aise chodna chahiye ki iski siskia sun kar ghar ki sari aurate line laga kar khari ho jaye chudne ke liye
    Happy Diwali

  2. This serial of which pics belong, the plot is a muslim girl gets fucked by a Hindu boy. She even have a baby. Boy is happy to fuck a muslim girl. He is engaged with another hindu girl. so for hindu its like to fuck muslim girl.

    1. So what the image is only for visual depiction why are you even here. Movies and serials are not real. Besides there are many porn movies where non-muslim girls act as a muslim girl in hijab and shown opposite to other men even Mia Khalifa is chatholic christian but she acted like a muslim in some movies, there are tv serials and many movies in which hindu girl acting as a muslim girl is shown opposite a hindu guy BUT in real life Opposite happens far more often.

  3. Such bola,,hindu aurat ko kate lund ko dekh kar he pani chor deti hai aur pura andar leti hai ,,,kate lund ke dhakon say uss ko bohat maza atta hai. agar koi hot hindu hw or female meray sath sex chat karna chati hai tou muje contact karey [email protected]

  4. Serials ko reality nahi manna chahiye, reality me kyuki hindu society Muslims me sath relationship ko ganda kehti hai isliye hindu ladkiya aur aurto me Muslim aadmiyo ko lekar e citement aur erotic feelings hoti hai, aur chori chupe bahut sari hindu females Muslim se sex karti hai. Hindu females ko taboo sex me double mazaa aata hai

    1. Mam,mjhe bhi darr h,ki meri biwi bhi na chudwale,mera khada ni hta h,jya krun,mjhe btaye na,kaise accept krun,

  5. Yes, It’s a depiction.
    But we love undressing hindu girls & get undress by them.
    If I was in place of this guy I’d stand at the back of this seductress, pull her pallu off her shoulder, use both my cold hands on her warm body to cares her bare back, hold her by her waist around the saree, encircling both my hands along the waist line just above her saree with two fingers, hold my fingres of both hands just between her navel & above the g-spot, encircle my fingers around her g-spot, & gradually move both the hands in her saree, very gently, by this time I had licked her bare back with my tongue & tickling by rubbing my new bears around chin her to her back, open the strap of her blouse with my teeth & licking her neck region to arouse her.
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