From a Kattar Brahmin Hindu Aplha to a submissive cuckold fantasizer

Hello everybody!!!
I am Vishal Sharma 21yrs from Jammu Kashmir. Today I am here to share story of my life. I am here to share how a well built, fair, 6 feet, handsome brahmin boy gradually became a submissive and sissy person.
I was just a normal guy you would commonly see around you. I was wonderful in studies, high on self confidence and self esteem, and I had a perfect life.
‌Then came the sudden break or you can call it as my faceoff with the reality. I was 16 years old then and facebook was new to me. I made hundreds of friends in no time. I also added people who were complete strangers to me. At that time I had zero knowledge of anything on internet. One of my FB friend introduced me to a completely different world of wilderness that I am currently stuck in. I still remember his username “AYAAN KHAN”. He was from Lucknow. He was just a random stranger whom I made friends with. At first he seemed nice and genuine. He helped me with my studies as well. I was also surprised at this behaviour because at that time I had strong notion that FB was just for chatting with girls. He was 10-12 years elder to me and was working as an engineer in private company. After few months of chatting we became frank with each other and we also shared hot porn videos with each other. (I will like to mention that I am straight.) Then one day he sent me a video in which a women probably in her late 40s, wearing full bridal hindu makeup was getting roughly fucked my a muslim man and he wrote following text below the video, ” I like to fuck hindu women like this lady with my islamic cock.” I was shocked by this but I loved the video even though at that time I was a KATTAR HINDU. I don’t know why but I had my best orgasm by masturbating at that video. He then texted again to ask my reviews about that video and I said I liked it. Then came a flood of 10-12 video links which had similar theme. In all of those videos beautiful hindu girls were getting roughly banged by muslim men. I still remember that night. I watched each and every video 4-5 times and with each successive round I enjoyed it more. That pleasure was hard to explain. I also felt a little dejected but the joy it gave me was way more stronger. He then sent me pics of some hot hindu women. He than told me that he had fucked all those women. At first I thought he was joking but after sometime he sent me their nudes while having sex. I was stunned and shocked to see how conservative and homely hindu ladies were getting fucked like sluts by a muslim guy. He latter told me their details and it was really hard to believe that all of them were brahmins and that too from rich and wealthy families. Two of them had been his girlfriends and were 20-23yrs old while rest three were middle aged and married. One of those ladies was his friends mother and worked as principle in govt school. It was really hard to digest because all those ladies were very beautiful while he was below average looking dude. He continued this pattern of sending me interfaith porn and I really loved it too. From a very early age I had developed a kink for interracial (black man white girl) porn but this was surely a next step. After few weeks came marriage of my distant cousin and our whole family attended it and I posted my family pics on my FB wall like every other teenager does. Well to be honest, my family has enjoyed good genes and all of our ladies are good looking especially my mom, sis and my maternal aunts. Those wedding pics with my family fared me numerous likes and comments and I was happy bcz of that but that happiness faded away as soon as I saw Ayaan’s inbox message. He had cropped and morphed my mom’s face onto a nude pornstars body who was sucking a dick. As soon as I saw that pic a chill ran over my whole body as I left the phone and took 2-3 minutes to recover from the shock. I quickly blocked him and logged out. I felt absolutely disgusted and I felt like killing him brutally but I was helpless. I decided to take a bath and forget what had happened. As I was bathing, flashes of that fake pic started to run in my mind and I tried to control my emotions but all in vain. Now I started to imagine my mom as that pornstar sucking Ayaan’s dick and soon I got a strong erection. I felt ashamed and humiliated because I was imagining my own mother like that and getting hard on. My mom’s fair, smooth and gentle face near that giant mushroomy dick, my mom’s delicate pink lips around that cut cock and mom’s big brown eyes covered in Ayaan’s cum. .aaaaahhhh. .. .such wild thoughts started creeping my mind and it was impossible for me to stop them. At last I quitted and jerked off thinking Ayaan lying over my beautiful brahmin mom and drilling her roughly. I cummed thrice while bathing that day and I felt relieved. I started to enjoy such gory thoughts and eventually I unblocked Ayaan. He texted me sorry and I said Ok, No problem. This was like a go ahead license for him and it seemed that he was pro in his game. It took him just 5 minutes to send me new fake nude edits of mom and this time I too openly applauded him. He morphed pics in which mom was shown as goddess while a black man fucking her pussy and ass wore a skull cap. He also added strong erotic captions. With one hand I texted him and my other hand was constantly on my cock. He asked me to send more pics of mom and I too obliged sincerely. He made more and more dirty edits and talked naughty about mom. I enjoyed it so much that I gave up all my other interests and hobbies over my interfaith joy. It became my dopamine rush. I slowly got transformed into a submissive slave who followed his master’s orders without and hesitation. He often commanded me to took secret pictures of mom and show him so I obidiently took secret pictures of my mom while she was sleeping, cooking food, mopping floor, even while changing clothes and I sent them to Ayaan. He used to send me videos while masturbating on them and chanting my mother’s name. He constantly ordered me to share mom’s bra and panties pictures . This continued for 9-10 months and I got completely addicted to this routine. I did not wanted to do anything other than hear and watch dirty things against my mom and other hindu ladies. He would often imagine situations and roleplays like him being mom’s tution student, or him being my bully friend who has a offer for mom to have sex with him in order to stop my bullying, or my dad’s friend who wants to bail us out of monetary crisis in exchange of sexual favours from mom, or a muslim thugs who hijacked our house and forced himself on mom and my sister in exchange of our lives, etc etc. Sometimes when he got fed up with mom he used to shift his lust on my sis . He often called me on phone to chat dirty about my brahmin family and he was planning a real trip to my home in coming days but it never happened as my account got blocked by fb for some reasons and we never chatted again. But before this happened, he managed to share link of this awesome website, which is like mecca of interfaith world.
‌At first it seemed like a fake propaganda but after spending some time on this site it really feels genuine and true because most of the posts here are correct and factual. I met a lot of dominating muslim men here along with various bold and beautiful hindu ladies. The CAPTIONS parts along with SOCIETY is really wonderful and horny as it reflects the true picture of our surroundings.The virus of Love-jihad seems to have spread all over the world and in each and every sphere of our lives from tiktok to bollywood, from ancient history books to modern times, from our office to our home, we experience it, we feel it, and most importantly we love it. Our sisters, mothers, and wives have constantly been revolving around the love jihad debate through news and gossips and we all know that they also have curiousity to taste the notorious muslim katbullah and we cannot keep them far from muslims for too long because sooner or latter they will taste muslim dick and leave us for a better sex life and isn’t it what we all submissive hindu cucks want??? We cannot fight against islamification because of its well structured skeleton which completely seals inner information and successfully trains its followers to defeat infidealist ideology at any cost. We hindus don’t have any idea but muslim men are trained and programmed for propagating islam by any means, be it war or be it love jihad. They are rewarded for fucking and converting our women. What else motivation do they need? They make our ladies addict of their dicks and make them fan of their manpower. I have already surrendered in this one sided fight.
‌ I find no other porn category sensual after watching interfaith porn and I wander here and there in search of a muslim master who commands me and enjoys my brahmin mom, sis and future wife.
I don’t know what special do these muslims ( both men and women) have which makes us hindu men so submissive, gentle and obeying to their commands while they turn our so called conservative and religious ladies into cum-hungry sluts which crave for katwa dicks. I have seen muslim men planning to hunt hindu girls and I too have seen hindu girls getting ready to be hunted. Submissive cucks like me dont need to worry and just enjoy the show.

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  1. While reading your story, I felt like I was reading my own story, instead of the guy from lucknow, mine was from pakistan who directly sent me message on my facebook real id, I don’t know how come these muslims are so confident that they can actually evaluate now who can be a cuck, perhaps its in there genes, btw your story is 100% genuine and praise worthy bro. Lets make the Hashtag #CuckIndiaGreatIndia

  2. Vishal kehta hai ki usne ye site pe hindu ladkiyo se baat ki. Ye baat mujhe fake lagti hai. Mai bohot saal se iss site pe hu lekin aj tak ek bhi ladki ke sath baat nahi hui. Yaha ke muslims bhi bolte hai ki sab ladkiya fake hai.
    Mujhe bhi ek Ayan Khan jaisa muslim dost chahiye jo meri real Facebook Id se meri friends list dekhega aur meri female friends ki gandi baate karega. Hangouts pe real id dunga.
    [email protected]

  3. Commenting again. Still waiting for someone to do this to me. I have kept my friend list public on Facebook. All girls in there are visible. Please koi aao. Message me on [email protected] and I’ll give you my Facebook link.

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