From Muslim Haters To Hindu Cuckold Couple

Hello everyone I’m Parul 32 years old and my loving husband Raj is 33 years old. We are blessed with one baby boy. We are Hindu Brahmin Couple of Trivedi caste. I’m here because I really wanna confess something that has changed my married and sexual life. Raj and I have an arranged marriage in 2013, everything was going happy, I gave birth to a beautiful boy in 2016. In 2016 I stumbled across interfaith site in which a Hindu women was talking about her experience with muslim man, initially I was like eww who would do that with muslim man, Raj and I used to hate Muslims a lot that they are bunch of illiterates,violent and Crazy people.At that moment I could never imagine myself next to a Muslim man. In 2017 November I was just surfing Internet in late night again I have seen some random Facebook pages which were dedicated to Hindu women and muslim man, out of anger I have decided to explore more. I got furious after seeing so many posts of Hindu women getting fucked by muslim man, then I decided to talk to a woman who was doing all this, initially I thought he’s some frustrated Virgin Muslim guy who’s pretending to be a Hindu women but after introduction I asked her bluntly that why in the hell you are seeking Muslim male kya Hindu mard mar gaye hain you weirdo, I know was kinda rude but hey remember at that time I was a staunch muslim hater. She told me dear this kind of behavior is acceptable as you are married Hindu Brahmin women let’s talk on telegram I’ll tell you in detail I was like to hell with your conversation I’m not interested, yet she dropped her telegram id. I didn’t paid any attention. Next month when my loving husband Raj went to Singapore for work I was getting bored at night coz in day time I have to take care of my baby boy but in nights it’s always gets boring without my husband. So out of curiosity I thought why not talk to that woman, first I called her via telegram id and then disconnected the call. After few minutes she called me back I picked her call and told her it’s Parul remember and she was like oh hi Parul how can I forget a woman who’s so bitter towards muslim male. I told her see I’m not hateful I’m just proud Hindu Brahmin women, she said there’s no hard and fast rule that you can’t be a proud Hindu if you are with muslim man. After that I disconnected the call and blocked her and never talked to her and closed that muslim chapter forever. In 2018 June something happened that changed my life. I saw some Cuckold porn collection in my husbands laptop. I was intrigued how can he like all this but to be honest his collection was so high quality that I got turned seeing all those hotwives ruling their husbands. In most cases it was black bull and white Cuckold Couple. I came to realize this is taboo and Cuckold Couples love taboo stuff then you won’t believe I still don’t know how that godforsaken thought struck in my mind that we are also Hindu couple and me being with a Muslim bull is kinda taboo too. Honestly in my whole life for the first time this thought of me being with muslim man struck my mind I was so ashamed of myself at first like chi chi Parul pagal ho gayi hai itna ganda thought tere dimaag me kaise aaya tu Hindu Brahmin aurat hai aur wo ek musalmaan parul yeh paap hai forget it. Somehow I manage to bury my desire, but this thought has now corrupted my mind and at the same time Raj’s inclination towards Cuckold porn has worked as a catalyst for my sinister desires for Muslim man. After few months I stumbled across this website interfaithxxx, this has opened a new chapter in my life. I read stories and most importantly when I heard the real life experience of Shreya Rajput I got mesmerised by her experience. From that day I have shed all my inhibitions and decided that I’ll somehow sleep with muslim man. In 2019 January I asked my husband indirectly about Cuckold stuff, guys my husband is best husband he’s like me best friend so we are open with each other. Raj said Cuckold is western concept but it’s getting common in our Delhi so he showed me some of his collection. After few weeks he himself asked for a Cuckold roleplay, that I moment I was like Parul sahi jaa rahi hai bas last step baccha hai reality me karne ke liye. Next weekend when we were having few shots of Grey Goose Vodka I asked him baby muslim ko katua kyun bolte hai he said un logo me foreskin remove kar dete hain and he showed me the cut dick. At first glance when I saw big circumcised muslim penis with mushroom top I told my husband that wow yaar yeh to bada beautiful penis hai tumhara to bada ugly hai lol we both were smiling. After next shot I asked him Raj what do you think of your wife getting fucked by muslim bull in front of you. He didn’t respond and left the balcony to sleep. We didn’t talked for next two days. That day I realise most Hindu husbands are typical Hindu who doesn’t like if the bull is muslim even if they are Cuckold. After two days my hubby came to me and said baby we did Cuckold role-playing few times from where did you get the idea of being with muslim bull, I told him everything from the beginning. He said baby We are Hindus and being with muslim male is not a good idea, I told him my love listen to me meeting with muslim bull has not gonna affect our beautiful Hindu religion, I’m and will always be a Hindu Brahmin women, all I want is to sleep with muslim bull just to experience their beautiful sexy circumcised cocks. After that Raj and I decided to do more research on this topic talked to few couples on mewe and all of Hindu couples who are active in this lifestyle said the same thing don’t think about religion and all just go for muslim because they are bunch of hardcore fuckers who’ll give you guys immense amount of pleasure in Cuckold session. After three months of research Finally my husband Raj and I( Parul) decided to meet a Muslim man. My husband met a nice muslim man from Mumbai in gym. His name was Akram Khan, he was in construction business. Raj and Akram became friends and after few weeks Raj asked him can you fuck Parul in front of me, Akram was flabbergasted he thought Raj is joking but My husband was damn serious. Akram Said yes and we finalize the date of meeting which was 15 June 2019. I was super nervous before the meeting but Akram was 6 feet tall dark and handsome with 85 Kgs. I was so eager to be with him. Let me tell you we decided to do something different on that day, generally I’m very western in terms of outfits but that day my husband and I thought of me getting dressed like a Pure Hindu Suhagan. Mere Pati Raj ne mujhe khud ready kiya I wore a read saree, mangalsutra, sindoor, nose ring, chuddi, payal, tummy chain, bindi. I was looking extremely beautiful woman and you can say that at that time I was a perfect representation of how a beautiful Hindu Suhagan looks like. I was sitting in my bed waiting for my second suhaagraat to happen but with muslim man. Akram came and he was shocked to see me like that. He asked my husband Raj can I fuck her bro my Husband said something that shocked me he said Fuck my Hindu Brahmin wife and me a Hindu Cuckold Husband. After listening to that maine bacchi kuchhi sharm sab chodd di fir uske baad Akram ne mujhe puri raat chodda. He fucked me 6 rounds in a single night and my Hindu husband has never fucked me more than twice in a single night. That day I felt Parul in your whole life you were missing the real sex. Mera Pati Raj couch par baith kar puri chudai dekha aur apna lund hila raha tha. Akram penis was 7.5 inch and my Hindu husbands dick is only 4.5 inch. That day I realised I’m such a slut mere gale me mangalsutra, sindoor mere Hindu pati ke naam ka par mere upar chadda hua hai ek muslim mard. So guys that’s my story Since that first Cuckold experience with muslim bull we met another two muslim bulls so total three muslim bull has fucked me. Next Cuckold session is going to happen on karwa chauth night, if you don’t know what’s karwa chauth then remember karwa chauth ek Hindu pati patni ke life ka sabse important day hota hai. That day my Hindu Cuckold husband wants to see me get fucked hard by muslim bull.

Advice for Muslim Bulls- Guys if you want to fuck a Hindu women in front of her husband don’t be abusive and don’t bring religious stuffs. After all this I still consider myself a very poud Hindu Brahmin Women and will always be a proud Hindu until my last breath.
Advice for new Hindu Cuckold Couple – Guys this is coming from your fellow Hindu women trust me don’t call yourself Cuckold if your wife hasn’t been fucked by muslim bull. They are the real man when it comes to Cuckold session so don’t thing too much just hire well educated Muslim bull and enjoy

I’m Parul, a proud Hindu Brahmin Married Wife, this is my and my Hindu husband’s story that how we became from Staunch Muslim Hater couple to Hindu Cuckold Couple who prefers only Muslim Bulls.

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    1. hi parul & Raj..your words are meant for us …and each of your words are true and experienced the same with hindu cpl…hindu wife are hot as hell but with only muslims..we muslims know how to satisfy a hindu wife more than her hindu hubby…plz drop an msg sometime…i m 30 year old muslim bull from delhi…[email protected]

  1. Raj is very lucky to have found a girl like Parul. I’m also looking for a dominating, non-monogamous girl who will be of dominating nature and have multiple affairs with muslims men in front of me. I can also service the muslim since I have a little gay tendencies. And here in europe everything is open.
    [email protected]

  2. 1-Dress-married hindu jo saree pahanti hi unki sareee low waste hi pahnegi chut ki line tak ,bina bra panty k n unki blouse deep neck hogi n chuchiyo se thori si hi bari hogi n pura pet nanga hona chahiye. mangal sutra unkhi chuchiyo se thora niche latakna chahiye.
    School girl-shirt tshirt tight n upar ka 2 button open hona chahiye bina bra panty k skirt jhangho tak gand se 1 inch badi
    2- h slut ki chut ka opening muslim lund se hi hoga. n us din ye festival jaisa celeberate karege.h girl 15 sal ki hote hi lund chusegi hamari n lund ka juice piyegi taki uski chuchi develop n mast lagegi. 17 sal hote hi uski seal muslim lund se tudwayegi jayegi,us din uske ghar ki sari aurty saj kar durser muslim marde ko seduce karegi taki aur radniya bhi chudai ka maja le sake n hinre mard sab organize karege n lund hilayege n har muslim ki sewa karege n thanku karege.
    3- har palce par office me school me 50% muslim hoge n waha kam karne wali har hindu randi roj morning me sabse pahle waha kam karne wale muslim maliko ka lund chu kar ashirwad le kar kam shuru karegi wo chahe us office ki head officer hi kyu na ho.
    4- Aged hindu aurte like 35+ ko 15 -18 sal wale muslim boy chodege n kam age ki hindu randio ko school girl ko aged muslim dhari wale mared chodege but ye koi hard n fast rule nahi hi
    5- agar kisi muslim boy ko doubt ho ki kisi hindu aurat ne bra panty pahna ho to wo turant us randi ki bra panty check kar sakti hi n wo randi khushi se check karwayegi use wo kahi bhi ho kisi k bhi sath ho chahe pati ho beta ho damad ho sasur ho uski checking hogi. bra panty milne par saja milegi.
    6-kisi bhi hindu gandu ki sadi hone par shuhagrat muslim mard hi manayege n agar uska man hua to use jab tak chahte tab tak chod sakta hi.
    7- muslim mard in randiyo ko chahe jaise chahe ragar kar chode slap kare tide kare but kisi condition me kahi bhi katna nahi chhiye bood chut n gand me lund pelne kar nikalne k alawa aur kahi se cut karke nahi niklana chaiye.
    8-koi bhi muslim mard kisi bhi hindu ghar me ghus sakta hi n us ghar ki kisi bhi randi k sath so sakta hi n us gahr k mard n dusri females unki achi khatirdari karege.
    9- hindu female k sadi k time us girl ka makeup muslim lund k taje garam pani se hoga n wo pani girl ki sister, friend bhabhi ya uski maa nikalegi. n agar chahe to unke gahr ki aur aurte bhi iska makeup karwa sakti hi
    10- agar koi hindu randi kahi bhi muslim lund open/nude dekhne par turant us lund k pass jayegi n use chu kar ashirwad legi .
    11- muslim k yaha function hone par young boys k bday par wo apne dosto ko khus karne k liye kisi bhi gahr se kisi bhi age ki koi bhi girl ya female le ja sakta hi ya road par market me koi bhi hindu randi pasand aane par use le ja sakta hi but us boy ko hindu randi k ghar me inform karna hoga taki wo pareshan na ho .

  3. kafi time Shreya Rajput ke baad koi real lagne wali baat suni h. Congratulation sister Parul apna or experience bhi share karna

  4. A similar thing happened with my family as well.. we used to think we are better and supirior and used to hate muslims. One day i came back and saw reality in my home. I came back from college and saw my hindu bahen sucking cock of a muslim man almost 3 times her age but the most exciting thing was she was doing that in presence of my mom .. soon i came to know he was ex bf of my mom and now activly fucking both my sisters.. soon i started liking his cock and one day he made me suck his cock just aafter fucking my sister .. since then i am addicted to hiw cock

    Kik : vishusofty

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