From super rich khans to simple muslim mechanic

muslim boy hindu girl

From super rich khans to a simple muslim mechanic they all have one thing in common, they are good with hindu women.

Its mostly true, the facts speak for themselves.

Hindu girl fell for musalman during garba dance
The women was married to a highly qualified man. She was having an affair with Shahrukh for the past 2 years. The two met during garba dance programme.
The women’s parents were against marrying Shahrukh over his low qualification.

Probe into Hindu girl and muslim boy marriages
CID has been told to check whether Muslim boys are enticing Hindu girls as part of a ‘conspiracy’.
The Minister said Young Muslim boys in rural areas were wooing Hindu college girls and then marrying them.
Again a case where young low qualified musalman boys are able to woo educated college hindu girls.

Imran married Veena, while Imran is just a cable guy veena is a science graduate.

Father locks up her daughter
Kalpana Patel and Moeen Shaikh. While Kalpana is a commerce graduate Moeen Shaikh is just 12th pass.

When it comes to marrying a hindu guy hindu girls look into the guy’s pocket, his bank balance and job but when it comes to musalman guy she looks at his mast hard mardana katva lund and forgets everything else.

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