Fucked by superior Muslims in front of father

Me and my Muslim master came home one day and my dad was home I had been planning on telling dad I had a Muslim master but he had other ideas he pushed me onto the lounge lifted my dress and fucked me hard in every hole while telling my father how worthless he was it was the greatest sex ever especially when he told my father that I would no longer wear clothes in the house as I was just a slave for the Muslims.
My father didn’t do a thing just accepted it so one night he invited some friends over and I was the entertainment my legs were open all night it felt so great and I’m carrying a muslim baby much to my fathers disdain.

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  1. It’s not so much a secret anymore. If you were my daughter I would be proud of you. It is the white mans place to welcome the Muslim conquerors and offer their tender, pretty pale daughters for the men to enjoy and breed.

  2. I love muslim conquerors. I support them to breed with all white girls in the world.

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