Future of H males : Forced Sissy Muslimah

Greetings Superior Muslim Masters

thank You once again for permitting this weak dhimmi hindu sissy to share her thoughts.

the latest trend is not #hslut. it is #hsissy or hindu sissy males. hindu males have started accepting their weak dhimmi nature and have started feminising themselves. they love to wear bra, panties and all things girly. i am one of them and proud of that too. intefaithxxx has helped me bring out my true nature and true calling in life : that is to be a feminised sissy muslimah wife to a STRONG MUSLIM ALPHA MALE.

few examples are below:

i am an alpha male to the outside world. but a very weak feminine dhimmi hindu slave slut craving for Muslim cock in reality. i want to wear a collar with my Muslim Masters name and want him to force me to leave my weak male life and become the sexiest and girliest lady for him, his cock sleeve to service his Islamic Cock whenever he feels like.

but it is sad to know that Muslim Masters or #mstuds have been ignoring us for long. this hindu sissy begs all #mstuds and Muslim Masters to please give hindu sissies like me a chance to prove ourselves. please we accept our sissy feminine nature under Your Beautiful Godly Cock Muslim Masters. please collar me and make me Your slave.

if anyone interested in enslaving me please comment. sissy wil message you..

7 thoughts on “Future of H males : Forced Sissy Muslimah

  1. This article is completely relatable. Wearing my mom’s bra, panty and makeup is exactly what I do when I am alone at home. I had also given a cam show to a pakistani muslim guy once. It was a great experience! I am ready to be a sissy to any alpha male. Even a muslim female would be fine since I love licking high heels! Find me at [email protected]

  2. lolz ab jab muslim mard chori chipe kisi hindu ghar me ghusenge uski ma beti ya bahan ko chodne aur pata chal raha hai k uske ghar k mard hi apnni gand khole wait kar rahe hain musallo ka.. Lund kam pad jayenge ab to itni demand badh rahi hai muslim lund ki..

    kik: deviarti
    hangout: [email protected]

    1. Sahi kaha bahrn .. mein khud apne mulle doston ko gahr invite karta hu taaki unki najar meri maa aur bahenki jawaani pe pade aur jaldi hi wo unke lund ke neeche aa jaaye .. aksar meine dkeha h mere mulle doost ghar aake unko khub aankho hi aankho m3in chodte h .. meine kai baar unko meri maa baheno ki bra apnty mein apni malai chod ke jaate dekha h… i love u frinds .. Naeem , ashraf , faiz ,nadeem and mohsin please jqldi se meri baheno ki taage khol ke apna pyare lode ka kaamal [email protected]

  3. This is all soo true soon we will ourselve send our wife and sister to your bed and suck your dicks in front of them

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