Gay Professor

My name is Salim Jilani. The university where I study has a bold gay professor who happens to be our main lecturer. He is south indian hindu. Some fellow students have said in the past that if you go inside his office and if he is alone then he stares at male students, I too experienced this once when I went to his office compartment to inquire about something.
Some class mates have also told me about the gay professor touching them here affectionately.

It happened with me once when the day was over and I was there with him alone in the class asking him about something. He patted my back and started moving his hand around my back.

I moved my hand near my dick and started pretending to itch. He looked down and I said to him sir the students these days in private say many things about you.

What kind of things ?
About your intention and desire.
What do you think
I think its fine.
So you are also like me.
No, but I can help you.
Ok meet me in the evening, he gave me time and place.

We met in the evening in private and I showed him my dick after a short conversation. He said it is very big and it was his dream to suck a cock like this.
He sucked my dick.
After a few more meet ups I turned him into an obedient slave who would do anything to suck my dick.

It is when I was sure that he won’t turn me down, I asked him about his wife. He said it was an arranged marriage.

I got to know that he can’t satisfy his wife sexually and that he wouldn’t mind if his wife has sex with some other man but stays with him.

I ordered him to make his wife fuck me. He agreed and said he would convince his wife.
Few days later he informed me, initially his wife refused but when he told her my name she instantly changed her mind. From that moment I knew she must be into muslim men and wants to get fucked by one thats why she changed her mind.

Few days later he invited me to his home where I fucked his pretty wife. Sure she married him because of his job and status, no matter how hypergamous she was as far as sexual satisfaction is concerned she required a muslim man to do things to her in the bed. She told me her bf was muslim during the college days but she couldn’t marry him due to the family she wasn’t rebellious enough, she wouldn’t have been hypergamous when it comes to muslim man, she would even have married a muslim if he was from a lower background as it would have been a sign of crushing social barrier, resistance and empowerment for her, hypergamy for her mattered in case of a hindu male. She wanted me to be a animalistic muslim beast in the bed.

It continued that way, the professor was happy to suck my dick and I was happy to make his wife my fuck slut.

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  1. Perfect Salim.
    Can we meet. I have a good offer for you.
    Your email id?

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