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Gay whores ?

I know that maybe I am not welcome here because I’m not Muslim or a white female whore. I am a Christian gay boy and there is nothing I would like more in life then to be used and raped by Muslim cock. I want to do muslim men who do not have access to females white whores give them my body instead. Recently I gave my body completely to a Pakistani refugee on the border of Macedonia. I told him to do whatever he wanted. He dominated me like no other man not even like Albanian Muslims. He fucked my ass and mouth so hard I felt like I was meant to be a slave to the Muslims.
He then thanked me, I felt really good for helping this Muslim. Do you think I can be accepted in Muslim society as a whore. I want to serve superior Muslim cock. please give me some advice.

You are not unwelcome as you are not useless, you could procure more white women for muslim males or wash the bed sheet on which the muslim guy has sex with a white woman and cums all over you may also clean the cum from Muslim cock and make it nice and dry after the muslim man is done with the fucking session. The muslim men could fuck your white ass to show dominance. Recently I read a news where a Norwegian white man’s ass was fucked by a black cock of a muslim from Somalia (no wonder he had a big Somali cock) and that white man was some political party member and he actually liked it, he wanted him to stay in Norway. White guys like you who are submitting to Muslim cock asserts the power of Muslim cock.

4 thoughts on “Gay whores ?

  1. indian hindu gay slut available for abuse by Muslim Masters / Mistresses in TORONTO, CANADA. front and back compliant, obedient, submissive and dedicated. cute natural boobs and soft girly body. will crossdress upon order. full toilet service .eager to please completely. guaranteed. SERIOUS enquiries only please, thanks.

  2. curious if muslim women want to use white girls too. bi white girl and i love submitting to dominant ppl, i think muslim dominant women would be exciting to please.

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