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I am Neha, 38 years old married lady. I am working woman in mumbai. I am happily married with person and do not have any child. I am working in small company whose owner is Ismail Shaikh a muslim man around 50+ in age. He generally resides in dubai but now came to india as this branch is having trouble to survive. Two year before he gave me promotion and now i am earning thrice the salary. Now company is settled and he is trying to go back dubai.
The scene comes now, before going to dubai he wants a date with me. One month before he proposed me for marriage which i refused as i am married already. I was afraid of loosing job but he was so nice that he doesn’t changes his views about me and he keep respecting me. Now he said he want a three day date with me. I am so confused that he is such a good man and how to refuse him. But I am afraid as he may have sex with me. Please readers suggest a solution. Should I go and have a date with him? If I accept how should I speak with my husband about it ? If I accept how should I avoid sex

Please give Suggestion

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  1. Since you are happily married you should politely refuse the date offer. If a person is good to you it doesn’t mean that you are obliged to have sex with him. Your question here itself is a bit stupid.

  2. कोई बात नहीं मैडम एक दफा उनसे डेटिंग कर लीजिए और मैं तो कहूंगा उनके साथ हमबिस्तर भी हो जाइए और सेक्स का मजा भी लीजिए आपने अपनी पोस्ट पर उल्लेख क्या है कि आप 38 साल के हैं और अभी तक आपके कोई भी बच्चे नहीं हुई है तो मेरे ख्याल से एक बार उनसे संबंध बना ही ली जिए क्या पता आप की सुनी को भर जाये.

  3. go on date with him for once, you will sure go with him where ever he goes Dubai or any other place.

  4. jb happily married ye question hi kyu… simple answer hai no…bt if u want cheat..then.. it’s ur decision

  5. happily married ho to fr ye question puchne ki jarurat hi na hai.. simple naa bol do..kyuki ek baar gayi muslim k bed fr waaapass na aa paaogi…so just don’t cheat on ur husband

  6. some husband se bat kro.. Wo pakka man jayenge.. aulad k liye.. inshaallaah

  7. I think you should discuss this with your husband. He may even encourage you for it and you may end up with a child.

  8. Finally yesterday I arrived at Dubai with my boss. I will return to india on Sunday and I will share my experience with you all

  9. Neha ab tum sirf mullo se chudogi Jb tum aaogi to pregnant hogi Mera personal experience h jo hindu ldki or aurat Muslim se chud gyi fr Vo Bs Muslim ki hi rh jaati h

  10. Well fuck off u idiot! U say ur smart working woman and u ask such idiotic question. Go if u wanna go or dont go i dont want to. Stupid cunt

  11. it’s depends on Ur wish?go or don’t go with Ur muslim boss?but remember one thing that if u r going with Ur muslim boss chances are very less to come back.once u tested muslim lund u will go again and again for big circumcised muslim lund.

  12. u ask on interfaithxxx means u like Muslim cock or u have dream of it.
    second if u r going once then refuse for sex is not possible. means he fucked u rough n hard n u like it so much that u become Muslim cock addicted and then next time u ask him to fuck u..
    so just think first what u want

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