Got my friend laid with a muslim guy

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She realized that her eyes and small part of her face was visible through the gaps.

I hid it in orange. She seemed like a very hot and pretty girl.






5 thoughts on “Got my friend laid with a muslim guy

  1. Uff aajkal behane apne bhaiyoo ko sath lene bhul jaati hai thodaa unkaa bhi kahyal rakhoo unkoo bhi muslim lund se chudate dekhnaa achha lagtaa hai

  2. thanks for publishing my post admin.
    I showed it to the girl whom i got laid, she too got excited.
    I hope I can get more of my friends to this exciting fetish.

  3. amazing. too real and sounds fun. ihope she got her brains out at andaman. if possible kiran ji then post few more of your chat. we hindu brothers are desperatly want to know more about it. jerking on it haha

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