Government Funded Website Teaches Muslim Migrants To Have Sex With White Women

white women sex with migrants

This news did not go down very well with some white men as I saw some distasteful reactions from them but on the other hand for white women its a welcome step.

One of the reactions I remember from a guy “The government is fooling our white women that sex with Muslim refugees and migrants is ok.”
Well it is for white women to decide unless you’re a gay and as far as I can tell a white women could forget her one night stand with a white guy but she can’t forget the same with a Muslim guy and once she gets a Muslim cock she starts to fancy it.

Government Funded Website Teaches Muslim Migrants To Have Sex With White Women.
More than a sex tutorial I see it as a move encourage healthy sexual relations between white women and muslim men, its a green light from the government as if the red would have stopped them.
Its a very good step indeed. Isn’t it what white women need.

Moreover due to the large influx of strong and healthy Muslim males into Europe it becomes the responsibility of white women to relieve these rough Muslim males and take take care of their sexual needs,  as good hosts it is expected of them.

As these sexy white women continue to roam on the streets around these rough foreign muslim males, it catches their attention, they want these women and there is absolutely no reason why they wouldn’t want to have sex with them. Sex between white European women and rough and hard Muslim males is the need of the hour, if denied it may cause more frustration among these hardened muslim males and they could turn to the old ways.

black muslim white girls

white women sex with migrants

Muslim on White

white women sex

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  1. I agree with the article. Europe’s birth rate is going down drastically. And its the men there who r at fault. No problem whatsoever if women there want to have sex with refugees. Women want better partners for sex, if they get it, they will take it. Like in India, girls find muslim men better endowed, they enjoy them. Its non one anyones business to say whom a girl should sleep with. It is hers and only her choice alone

  2. its a good step by governments … ab to.government bhi support kr rahi hai to khul.k chodo inhe aur maze karo

    kik- arbaz133

    [email protected]

  3. wish some site like this comes up in India too 😉

  4. We need this in our sex education classes in the United States. Teach white women that it is good to sleep with men of color and teach white men that it is ok to lead a life that is pussy free and that masturbation is a fine sex life.

  5. I’m glad that western cultures are so sexually permissive. A white woman can choose whatever breeding partner she feels is strongest and healthiest to plant his seed in her. This is probably why white racists hate multiculturalism so much – they know we have the short end of the stick (literally) when it comes to sexual selection. Penis size is multifunctional – it serves to plant sperm deeply for conception, displace the sperm of sexual rivals, please women sexually (which also helps conception) and serve as a visual display of masculinity and attractiveness. Small penises are inferior in all these respects, and in my experience, it’s clear that white european and desi indian men have the smallest cocks out of any race. We also have the most feminized characteristics and love cuckold porn (yes, despite the stereotype I think east asian men are manlier and have bigger dicks than whites – Japan comes slightly ahead of the USA and Korean figures were based on flaccid measurements).

    Combine this with the fact that white and desi genetics for small penis sizes also cause our women to have tight vaginas, which means extremely desirable sex for males of superior races when they fuck our women. There’s one crucial difference when it comes to white and desi women, though – promiscuity. India is a largely modest culture, white women are simply the biggest sluts on the planet; proudly bouncing their pale asses on multicolored shafts for the world to see. This isn’t a bad thing, though, and white men should embrace change and make sure our girlfriends and wives have the most sexual success possible, instead of jacking off our 3 inch dicks while whining about degeneracy. We don’t have to contribute to the next generation genetically, we can contribute to the future emotionally and financially, leaving sex to those who deserve it most.

    These state-funded promotions of interfaith love are a good start, but we need more. I want to see every color of man in the world dumping their loads into a mixing pot of white pussy. Arab, Turkish, African, Chinese, Indian, Caribbean, Hispanic, Polynesian… I want the message that white women should fuck everyone and white men should fuck nobody. I want illustrations of a white MALE bending over to take a generous load of Muslim sperm in his feminized white boypussy, preferably while wearing or burqa or other feminine Islamic clothing. In fact, why not feminize ourselves completely? Give white boys mandatory estrogen therapy during puberty so we can develop supple curves and big breasts to please Muslim tongues and hands. Considering HRT causes penis shrinkage and erectile dysfunction, they wouldn’t have to worry about us fucking our own wives without their permission.

    • Very well said. I would be more then willing to let my wife seek better sexual partners of various colors while I went without.

      • 100% agree with you beta boy, I’m proudly pussy free and one day hope to see all white women breeding with superior immigrants.

  6. I am a 24yo White English virgin, I should be breeding white women but instead I am here playing with my virgin cock thinking about the superior Muslim men breeding all the White girls, please keep coming to England and breeding the easy white English daughters! I will hopefully produce some little white girls for you soon 😉

    • Good work Chris, keep your little white virgin dick pussy free. I’m middle aged and now thankfully sterile, so I can no longer pollute the gene pool. My wife and daughter are ready for the Muslim refugees to come and breed them and destroy my weak white bloodline.

  7. This is so beneficial and inspiring, and it needs to happen in all countries that have any white populations. I am an inferior white male and fully recognize the great reasons why those like me should be eliminated for the benefit of a better world. No white girl should ever have sex with a white male and certainly never ever have white babies…slowly my useless race will be bred out of existence, and that turns me on so, so much…

    • Same here, it shouldn’t turn me on but the thought of my daughter destroying my weak white bloodline by breeding with Muslim refugees is so horny!

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