Great pathan

I am 20 years old hindu girl and studying in final year. My neighbor is muslim pathan with height of more than six feet and well built, he always wears long jubba and loose pyjama, he has a long beard .. There is fencing between our house. I saw him peeing many times in the corner of his back yard but I could not able to see his rod because there was little bush obstructing the view of his rod but i able to listen his pissing sound. I know his timing of pissing is morning 6 of every day. I was eager to see his full view of his rod because i never seen before the rod of muslim though i saw many hindu dicks. one day i got up early and before he comes to peeing spot i sat silently near the bush hiding my face in the bush after 5 minutes he came he back fold the jubba upto his stomach and i clearly saw his big hairy stomach with big belly button ,then he loosened his pyjama and pulled it down. He did not wear any under garment and i clearly saw his 11 inch long thick rod with big red head, i noticed unlike hindu rod there was no fore skin , wow it was very beautiful rod with two big balls below that rod , there was not much pubic hairs. He started peeing , gush of water was coming with pissing sound , stream of pee started flowing . He did not see me. He was close friend of my dad and mom. One day my dad told him that he and my mom will go to relative housend me and my brother will be there in the house, pathan smiled. Next morning at 5 o clock my parents went to my relative’s house as usual i went near bushes waiting for pathan , but he did not come and i waited for like 15 minutes and I went back. After that he came, there was knocking sound on the door and when i opened the door i saw pathan was standing in front of me with a smile, i was astonished , without saying anything he entered the house, he knew that my borther will not get up till 8 o clock. He took me in the bed room and suddenly he removed his clothes and put his long thick rod in my mouth, first time i smelled the muslim rod , he forced me to suck his rod for 15 minutes and i also licked his balls. Suddenly he released his thick cum and i was forced to swallow all his cum. It was very tasty. Shaft was still hard. He did this many times when ever my parents went out. He told me that he will fuck me again when my parents go out. I am waiting for that opportunity.

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    1. अरबाज मेरी बहन सोनी को भी चोद दो बहुत मस्त माल है सोनी खुब गोरी है बड़ी बड़ी चुची भारी और उभरी हुई गदराइ गांड मोटी मोटी मांसल जांघें चोद के मस्त हो जाओगे

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