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Guide for white europeans to integrate with muslims

There is a saying “Two tigers cannot live on the same mountain.” It means that in an area, there cannot be two very strong personality people leading. Just like in a mountain, there will only be one king, one leader.

Muslim men are virile and muslims in general are indomitable. If one is dominant then other has to be submissive or at least adaptive. The white Europeans should learn form Hindus who have managed to live fairly successfully with the Muslims. It was very late in the history (12th century) when the mighty muslims came to India and ruled it so we know more about it.

Hindu women flocked to the Muslims and white women are doing it today and of course more openly. Hindu women gave away their bodies to virile Muslim men and made them settle in India. They also helped them in spreading their mighty seed. In fact where ever the Muslims went women flocked to them, some even wanted to be rough fucked by them. The trend still continues which surprises many men out there why their women are sucking muslim dicks ? As opposed to men women have evolved to use deception which is their most potent weapon. Women’s fundamental nature is to go to real men and muslims are the most manly. Its very natural for a girl to go to a muslim man.

Muslims men are very carnal with huge sexual drive and they are also very good at seducing other women. The best way to integrate with the Muslims is to give them your women or encourage them to go to Muslim men. The hindu kings of the past gave their daughters to Muslim nobles to make peace and friendship, an offer that Muslims always accepted. Muslim love having sex with kufr women even though most of them won’t say it openly.

White men should never stop their girls from going to Muslim men. If you can keep Muslim men happy via your women more than half the battle is won.
David Cameron was not an idiot to say this “It is the mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the Muslim way of life, not the other way around.”
White women are more intelligent and are doing exactly that and white men should help them for the sake of coexistence.

Obviously you can’t make everyone happy there will always be a few people like this one below who would object but for the greater good it is necessary.

muslim men fucking european-girls

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  1. All this is correct, all white european women must accept all muslim men, for they are much more virile and potent.

  2. As an inferior white male I am forced to admit that this is all true. All white females whether in Europe or USA should not only integrate with muslim men but ONLY muslim men and totally breed out white males like me. I know my heritage and understand that the white penis MUST be eliminated for the betterment of the world. I not only accept this fact but find it amazingly arousing, which only proves my inferiority and that white females should always deny me and all white penis.

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