Gujaratis among the highest consumers of sex toys in india

Amdavadis are among the largest consumers of adult toys in India and adult games have become a popular gifting preference for newlyweds.
Gujarat is the third largest consumer of adult games in India and has been among the top ten markets for sexual wellness products for the past few years.

Average order value goes up to Rs 4,500 during wedding season with specific requests for gift-wrapping them together. We’ve seen orders up to Rs 1 lakh for sexual wellness products sent as wedding gifts.

In fact, sex toys sell like hot cakes across several festive seasons including Navratri, Valentine’s Day and even the Christmas-New Year week. During Navratri, sales increase by 360%.

“This is a yearly trend and sales of oral contraceptives, morning-after pills and even condoms are driven by the young generation during Navratri and other festive seasons,” said JashvantPatel, president, FGSCDA.

An interesting trend seen is the acceptance of ‘penis pumps‘ in Gujarat.

Penis pumps are used in case of erectile dysfunction (jinka bahot jaldi jhad jata hai ya fir dhang se khada nahi ho pata) and to increase penis size. Seems like Gujarati women need bigger and harder dicks that lasts longer.  The thing which musalman lund naturally has.

Women too are confidently asserting their sexuality, and comprise 41% of the customers from Gujarat against 59% male consumers.

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