H men in guise of Muslims

hindu girl sex chat with muslis

Riya Writes:
I am Vibhasha Brahmin and would like to draw your kind attention to an
important fraud being made by Hindu boys and men.

Like many Hindu females, I too appreciate Muslim penis and manliness. I
shared my email id [email protected] in order to solicit sex chat with
solely Muslim males. Since I shared the email id on interfaith, I received
several emails ranging from hunk Muslim bulls to teenage young men. I have
no problem with that.

But it is disgusting to see that Hindu spineless men are posing as Muslims,
to chat with girls like me. When I test them I realise they are Hindus. It
is not easy to
fool me.

Through this email, I give a specific warning to Hindu males who email me.
I am not interested in you. In my posts here, I specifically say, “Muslims
Only”. Then why the hell do you email me Hindu boys?

Because they see many hindu girls come here to chat with musalmans so they pretend to be musalmans to chat with them and also because they pretend to be muslims to chat with hindu girls rather than in their true identity it shows that hindu girls like musalmans or its what they think or they chat with hindu girls using muslim males names and masturbate reading h girls reactions . A report by Ronak http://interfaithxxx.com/hindu-girls-more-inclined-to-fall-for-muslims
This issue was also raised earlier http://interfaithxxx.com/forums/thread-4386.html
We cannot completely control it and we cannot penalize anyone for using fake names. The girls should be more vigilant and learn to spot the fakes just like you.

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  1. Vibhasha Brahmin June 7, 2016 at 11:13 am

    Thanks for publishing this. 😉

  2. ohh dear they feel cuckold , they like and have desire to see hindu girls with musalman boys and guys. they feel excited and acting like musalman . bcs they want to see how hindu girls want muslim strong meater dicks. so dont worry about it. they want to feel how they doing with musalam and they feel excited and cum more better then normal.

  3. hii ahmed u are right…i am that type of man..plz give ur mail id

  4. Agree with Khan saaab…
    @Vibhasha – They couldn’t please you, this makes them jealous & curious to know how we Muslim do it…
    Bro aaap namard ho toh wahi rahogey, Muslims are too good at hard & rough fuck to let them crave for dick which creates a memorable remark of high level of ecstacy, pain & roughness. Which affects them mentally & physically very pleasurable.
    Kik/hangout mdsaif10ahmad

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