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Handsome Muslim Hunk needed for Marwadi couple


Rich marwadi couple based out of Mumbai are looking for a handsome and strong muslim hunk.

We are married for 5 years with no children. So any handsome muslim hunk interested in helping us with children, Please contact me.

We need you for 7-10 days at our house. You have to be a handsome guy and if you are 6 feet tall with muscular body then even better but most importantly you need to be a Muslim. We can even pay you up to 1 lakh for staying with us for just 7 days. If you are out of Mumbai, ready to bear your flight and travel expenses too. I have heard muslim males are very potent and they will do in 7 days what i couldn’t in 5 years

Please email your phone number, pics and other details and proof that you are muslim male in the below email.
vikr*ms*g*[email protected]
* is 1st alphabet in english

Interfaithxxx does not vouch for the authenticity of the the message.

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