Hate Story 2050

Year 2050, due to rampant love jihad and the secular and open minded attitude of hindu girls coupled with the their liking for cut muslim cocks, the musalman population in India now matched that of the Hindus and their sexual dominance had increased many folds.
While most hindus became less religious wothers started fearing for the future of the Dharma which led to the establishment of the educational institutes where hindu girls were taught to not go for musalman men. The staunch hindu parents would send their daughters to such institutes. A new subject came up love jihad studies just like Gender studies which poped up in the 20th century.
In one such anti lovejihad institute a man named Mr Gajender was the head of love jihad studies.
He taught the girls about tperils of love jihad and the lust of musalman guys towards hindu girls.

It was just another day at the institute. Mr Gajender was on the chapter “contribution of muslim girls towards love jihad”
Mr Gajender gave some refrences from the book along with some real life examples. He tried to explain that when a muslim girl becomes friends with a hindu girl, she thinks about getting the hindu girl fucked by her brother, cousin or any musalman friend to spread secularism among the hindus and push the muslim cause.

In Mr. Gajender’s class there was a girl named Vaibhavi. When she was in school she had a musalman bf named Shabaaz Alam and without a question yes he did fuck her, since Muslim guys usually get started young.

Gajender was now giving an example of a musalman guy Kareem. Who is Kareem’s family doctor ? Mr Alam.
Where does he buy grocery from ? Shabber Bhai.
Which resturant does he usually go to ? Habeeb’s Beef Point.
Who does he go to get his car fixed ? None other han Usman Mechanic.
Now Kareem has been dating a girl since a month, whats her name ? Its Pooja. Who was he fucking two months ago, Divya.

Mr Gajender poured all his expressions into saying this, you see the point, 8 out of 10 times the musalman guy is usually with a hindu girl. As a matter of fact musalmans do it deliberately.

Vaibhavi couldn’t stop her mind from going to the moment when Shabaaz fucked her brains out. She felt strange tension within her heart and in between her thighs, thiking about how she gave herself to Shabaaz just to be used.

Few other hindu girls in the room were in the same boat as Vaibhai. Some out of their own free will addended the lecture while others were pushed by their parents, as for Vaibhavi she was in the middle and confused.

There was a girl who would chatter with her friend about how she fucks a guy named Zubaid after attending the lecture, it makes her feelings so much stronger for the muslim cock. Her friend had a different story though, when her staunch parents caught her with Muslim boyfriend they disapproved it and told her if she wants to live in the house she must go to this institute and educate herself.
A girl Deepti claimed that Mr. Gajender is a cuckold and that she caught him watching hindu muslim porn, none like like the interfaith porn from the 2019’s. It was 2050 a new genre of porn had come up, produced by the porn industries where hindu girls were shown in compromising positions with musalman guys. Hindustan had become the new west where cuckoldry was a hot trend.

It was valentine’s day and Mr. Gajender was today going to teach the most intense topic.
Mr. Gajender emphasized on the historical part, he asked, how were there more hindu muslim mob riots in India as compared to pakistan and bangladesh but still Muslim population grew in India and shrunk in Pakistan and Bangladesh ?
No one could come up with an answer.
Then he answered, it was because of one thing and one thing only- muslims were good at getting hindu girls either by hook or crook or love, they got them all the same.  Most musalmans understood thats its futile and a waste of time to fight with hindu men when their girls are readily hopping onto musalmans lund in large numbers.
The hindu males could pour all the hate and the musalman guy would look the other way and spread love with hindu girls. He would claim humanity is above all in front of the hindu girl even if he’s thinking about screwing the hindu bitch with his hardened circumcised muslim cock.
Getting hindu girls to the bed was the top priority of the musalman guys and it was made easty by the attitute of majority hindu girls.

Once of the girls said that her family is from bengal and she has seen Muslim going to durga puja pandals there.
Mr Gajender answers that the musalman guys would go anywhere for hindu girls. You should understand even if a musalman is commiting a sin, he knows that all his sins will eventually get washed away by getting into Hindu girl’s pants and softening her up for the muslim cause or by nailing her and putting a muslim seed inside her.

Now he switched to the topic of musalmans demographic dominance, the patern which was seen in many places, he claimed. When the musalmans are 1 to 25 percent they would do love jihad in full swing at the same time side with the secular and liberal narative with the blessing of nonmuslim girls.
At 35 to 40 percent the musalmans would make it clear that who is the boss, hindu girls would continue to date and have sex with muslim guys all the same.
At 50 percent the musalmans would start making their own laws and setting up porn industries for hindu girls and musalman guys. The number of hindu girls sleeping with muslim guys would see a gigantic leap upwards.
At 80 percent the musalmans would sit back and relax. They would just play with their prey and enjoy whatever is left with their hardened cocks for many decades to come.

It was such a taboo feeling, Vaibhavi found her pussy getting wet, and other hindu girls Nidhi, shweta, and Monika found themselves in the same situation.

A guy had been follwing Vaibhavi, it was the third day. He approached her and told her that he is into her. His name was Junaid, and Vaibhavi told him to stay away but still he kept showing up everyday. That day he again approaced her and commented that just because he is muslim she doesn’t want to talk to him.
He had caught her weakest nerve and Vaibhavi responded, that just because she goes there doesn’t mean she dislikes muslims.
Junaid inquired then whats the problem and that was enough to get them going.

It a matter of one week, Junaid was able to get into her pants. She was in bed with him without a thread on her body. Junaid said a student of lovejihad studies has come under his muslim cock. Vaibhavi replied that, she is not the only one.
Junaid said with his dick rock hard and Vaibhavi in his arms, “tum hindus ka to safaya ho jayega, that is what is taught there right”
Vaibhavi says yes.
Junaid says its nothing but truth, tumhe pyar kar kar k tumhara safaya kar denge hum. Vaibhavi grabs his hard cock and and pushes it inside her pussy and says while moaning, “kar do hamara safaya, aise lund k liye to hum kuch bhi karne k liye tayar hai.”

Junid fucks her for hours and records some moments and sends the clip to the professor. The musalmans had even infiltrated such institutes, Mr Gajender was in reality a cuck and the musalman guys didn’t mind feeding him, where did he get all the info and real life examples from ?

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