Hboys feel the heat as beautiful yogic Hindu girl Ira Trivedi shows her support for Beef and Musalmans

As a matter of fact hindu girls no matter from which background have natural towards for muslim mards, doesn’t matter if she hides it or shows it.

After the tweet went viral and hboys started making a fuss about it, she then later deleted the tweet and took a u-turn.

Ira Trivedi is new face of changing India under modern day hindu girls who are not afraid to cross the lakshman rekha and challenge the societal norms laid down by hboys.


Some Hguys where in shock how a yogic hindu girl can make such a comment well, the recent trend of sexy yogic hindu girls going for musalman mards will tell you what they really want. In fact many yogic hindu gils love to maintain their hot bodies for musalman mards and they love to ride the hard musalman rods in sophisticated yogic poses.

Infact Ira has also dated musalman mards and she knows.

8 thoughts on “Hboys feel the heat as beautiful yogic Hindu girl Ira Trivedi shows her support for Beef and Musalmans

  1. Muslim have rod like dicks and this is what is preferred by modern yogic hindu girls over limp hindu dicks which spoils it. They love to mount themselves over the rod like muslim dicks which hardly bends, and then they jump up and down on top of the muslim rod.

  2. All women, no matter if the background is Christian or Hindu, need to follow her example and train extensively in yoga for their eventual service of a Muslim master.

  3. Is it just me or are the Hindu girls that do yoga far better at fucking? From personal experience they’re the ones who are always begging to try a new position every time we fuck.

  4. I’ve seen this happen too often with Hindu women. They become Islamophiliacs when they first hook up with a Muslim guy , but after a while the guilt catches up with them. She’s probably romping with a Muslim guy behind the scenes and is using this to cover her tracks.

  5. asse hi Hindu aurto lakho hindu aurto ke liye misal ban rhi h ..asli muslim mard se milne ka ..or bed par unki mardangi dekhne ka …yaga hm hindu aurto ke jism m or aag bhar deta h ..naye naye pose m chudne ke liye hamare body ko lachila bana deta h …lekin assa karne ke bad hindu namard ki luli se kha maza milne walla h …hm hindu aurto ke jism ki aag to tb sant hoti h …jb kate hua muslim lund …hamari yogini chut m 9-10 inch under tak rat bhar khudai karke …najane kinti bar chikh chikh kar ….musli mard apne lund ka beej hamri khokh m dalte h …ira jaise yogini hm hindu aurto ko bata rhi h …mard to muslim hi hote h …jo bister par hame hindu aurat hone ka ahsash dilate h or hamre jism ko asli yoga karwate h …hamari thakan dur karte h …hindu aurto ki jism ko asli sukh dete h ..thanks to ira to coming up to support and inspire us …love u muslim men.
    Hindu aurat yoga kade or aag ko muslim lund ke yoga se sant kade ….asli yoga to muslim lund ke hindu chut m jane se duru hoti h …or khtm ghanto bad …chut m pavitra pani ke badh se khatm hoti h ….thanks muslim men.
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    1. apnee bilkul sahi kaha priya maam lekin ek yoga hum hindu namard bhi krte hain apni chhoti lulli hila kar💦

    1. Spot on Aishwarya. I actually follow her and was shocked to find her entire Doordarshan yoga playlist deleted on YouTube. Height of phallic insecurity of Hindu “males”. BTW you can still catch her on India Today channel.

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