High profile case 69 year old musalman guy and 49 year old hindu woman in relationship

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Former Chief Election Commissioner of India SY Quraishi (musalman) and the current election commissioner of Nepal Ila Sharma (hindu) met at a conference in Mexico last year.

Quraishi, 69, and Sharma, 49 reportedly hit it off during the conference on money in politics in Mexico in September 2015 and have come close ever since. Though apprehensive to speak on the subject, Quraishi has since admitted that the two have a “personal bond”. “This is a personal bond between us,” The Telegraph quoted him as saying. Quraishi also said that the two times that they’ve tried to get married, some or the other reason caused them to delay, terming the timing of the wedding “speculative”.

How can you miss the comments, in such a union the comments are bound to be interesting.


So a guy compares his penis to a “dead ‘pole”
What an imbecile idiot; The musalman lund remains rock hard even at old age. Lot musalmans do not shy away from marrying at old age. He seems to be jealous because he knows its something he can never do.

Another said “mulla secduction” lagta hai “hindu male seduction” kaam nahi kara ab kya kare musalmano mai yehi to khas baat hai hindu aurte upar magnet ki tarah attract ho jati hai.


Ab kya kare musalmano k saath maza he itna aata hai. At least he has accepted that hindu women have a fantasy for musalman men lel.


LoL, there is nothing better than a musalman mard age doesn’t stop musalman mards, age is just a number.

13 thoughts on “High profile case 69 year old musalman guy and 49 year old hindu woman in relationship

  1. Hindu women must be allowed to breed with the superior genes to reproduce. That means lots of Hindu girls will be marrying Muslim men, but that natural order should not be touched by us.

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  3. God bless this couple, more and more hindu girls like us should marry muslims, we shud be selfish and not worried about religion and family. It is all secondary, long term your husband will take care of you and satisfy you.. Go girls go! Ping me at whatakobra at yahoo dot com to talk more with me

  4. I would love to see my shy, conservative, highly educated Hindu Brahmin wife being seduced by and becoming the girlfriend and private slut of a highly educated, refined, powerful Muslim bull, such as SY Qureishi.
    I would love to see such a man persuading her to marry and even converting her.

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