Hindu Brahman girl’s marriage with Muslim as Hboy shows wedding card in anguish

Hboy says- lovejihad brahmin girl and musalman. When we (hboys) visited her home with an intent to stop lovejihad then her father said “my daughter can do anything she wants who are you to stop her”.
She is 22 and look at her convert to musalman now becomes ayesha khan, it is all legal and we are sitting like idiot can cant do anything against lovejihad, hboy added in his post.

मूकदर्शक ki kya baat hai hindu ladke maza le sakte hai lund hila kar apni hindu girls ko sakt mote musalman lund pakadte dekh.

Sameer Khan Marries Prerna Vyas now Ayesha Khan.

Hboys reactions

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