Hindu Brahmin girl wears burka and says she will become Muslim

It all started when some brahmin hindu boys saw this hindu girl on social media supporting the Muslims. On top of that her boyfriend also turned out to be Muslalman mard. Brahmin hindu boys then started cursing and harassing her.

This hindu girl then made a youtube video wearing a burka naqaab. She says in the video that a few brahmin hindu men have been cursing her from past few days and if they don’t stop then she will convert to islam.

Brahmin hindu boys should know that as Hindu women are becoming empowered, as beti padhao is gaining momentum and shows like sacred games and Leila are becoming popular among hindu females , hindu girls of today are openly moving away from Limp hindu dicks and going for hard circumcised musalman Sullah’s. Earlier it used to happened behind the backs but today its all going open. No matter what Hboys do they cant stop hindu girls from grabbing musalman lunds. Its a fight the Hboys just cannot win.
In such a scenario the Hboys have two options.
Number one: Keep fighting a war they can never win.
Number two: Become cuckolds and enjoy hindu women riding superior musalman katbullahs.

हिंदू भाइयों इतना आश्चर्यचकित होने कि ज़रूरत नही है जब हिंदू बहन बेटीयों को मुसलमान का मोटा और सुडौल मुस्लिम लंड मिलता है तो वो मुसलमानो कि भाषा बोलने लग जाती हैं

2 thoughts on “Hindu Brahmin girl wears burka and says she will become Muslim

  1. They also have a 3rd option to end this vicious cycle of humiliation :
    Convert to islam
    I’m also a brahmin boy from gujarat and thinking of converting to islam .

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