Hindu Cuck Sissy Training Academy

Hello everyone

I am Shivam Raj (Sissy name – Shreya)

I have been a regular visitor of this site for last 3 years and I have accepted to be a hindu sissy to pleasure muslim men.

Recently I have seen a lot of hindu boys who think as I do and wish that they were born a girl so that they could pleasure muslim cock.

I would like to tell them that it’s still possible Sissies . U just have to be determined about it.

If you don’t know , there are thousands of white sissies who serve BLACK CLOCK daily . You will have to learn to be a GIRL , DRESS LIKE A GIRL and then you can serve a MUSLIM COCK.

I have been thinking to help these confused hindu sissies to turn them into beta bitches for MUSLIM COCK .

In started wearing my older sis bra and panties secretly and then I felt very girly in them. I thought to becoming a HINDU SISSY for MUSLIM COCK

I have thought of it as a whole series because TRAINING AND BECOMING A SISSY is just not one day task.

So , for now if anyone want to ask personal questions , please contact on Instagram. I would be happy to help you.

Instagram Id : hhh.shreya
Email : [email protected]

I am also attaching my 3 pics for PROOF

And sissies wait for my next post.

Coming soon. I will help you step by step.

Hindu women/Muslim men/muslim women
You guys can also message me. I would be happy to SERVE you all .


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  1. I am also a sissy bitch…me real memuslim lund se chud chuka hu…ilike to suck their cock…mza aata hbahot kutiya ban k chudne me

    • Bhai, mai bhi Delhi se hu, please contact me at dingdongs232 on hangouts. Mujhe bhi sissy ban muslims ki kutiya ban chudna hai

  2. I am a white sissy virgin boy from Northern ireland would love bred by muslim men

  3. wow..i also have the same feeling i am visiting this site since last year and everytime i come here my feelings have grown to be a sissy…i fantasize about sucking black older muslim man and be his fuck toy.
    my kik id – tiny_dick43

  4. im gay sissy open to watching a muslim man piss cum in my mouth i swallow with respect

  5. So many Hindu boys turning gay.
    Make me gandu for muslim too
    Kik : delhibottom

  6. Wow. Feeling good yo see many guys r getting sense… kik rashmi_ayunty1234

  7. Ohh musallo ko double duty deni pad rahi hai ab to.. pahle hame chodo fir hamare bhaiyo ko heheh

    hangout: [email protected]

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