Hindu Cuck Sissy Training Academy

Hello everyone

I am Shivam Raj (Sissy name – Shreya)

I have been a regular visitor of this site for last 3 years and I have accepted to be a hindu sissy to pleasure muslim men.

Recently I have seen a lot of hindu boys who think as I do and wish that they were born a girl so that they could pleasure muslim cock.

I would like to tell them that it’s still possible Sissies . U just have to be determined about it.

If you don’t know , there are thousands of white sissies who serve BLACK CLOCK daily . You will have to learn to be a GIRL , DRESS LIKE A GIRL and then you can serve a MUSLIM COCK.

I have been thinking to help these confused hindu sissies to turn them into beta bitches for MUSLIM COCK .

In started wearing my older sis bra and panties secretly and then I felt very girly in them. I thought to becoming a HINDU SISSY for MUSLIM COCK

I have thought of it as a whole series because TRAINING AND BECOMING A SISSY is just not one day task.

So , for now if anyone want to ask personal questions , please contact on Instagram. I would be happy to help you.

Instagram Id : hhh.shreya
Email : [email protected]

I am also attaching my 3 pics for PROOF

And sissies wait for my next post.

Coming soon. I will help you step by step.

Hindu women/Muslim men/muslim women
You guys can also message me. I would be happy to SERVE you all .

8 thoughts on “Hindu Cuck Sissy Training Academy

  1. I am also a sissy bitch…me real memuslim lund se chud chuka hu…ilike to suck their cock…mza aata hbahot kutiya ban k chudne me

    1. Bhai, mai bhi Delhi se hu, please contact me at dingdongs232 on hangouts. Mujhe bhi sissy ban muslims ki kutiya ban chudna hai

  2. wow..i also have the same feeling i am visiting this site since last year and everytime i come here my feelings have grown to be a sissy…i fantasize about sucking black older muslim man and be his fuck toy.
    my kik id – tiny_dick43

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