Hindu Dick And Bad Smell

As opposed to cut-clean muslim rods, its very common for H!ndu dicks to have bad odor.
Sometimes it even smells as bad as a rotten fish.
With my current muslim boyfriend I can pull his dick out and blow him anywhere. I like to do it while he is driving.
I am posting this because I am really fed up of these silly hindu guys messaging me and trying to shame me for having a muslim bf on facebook. I want to kick them so hard right in the middle of their nut sack. I wish someday I wouldn’t have to go anonymous and would be able to openly say all this. The muslim dick feels so much better.
Muslim Penis <3
No matter how much you wash it, it will never be as good as muslim cock.

2 thoughts on “Hindu Dick And Bad Smell

  1. hello Sanika,
    i m myself a hindu guy with uncicumsized dick but i accept and agree with u that muslim men have cleaner, bigger and better cock than us. those who abuse u are suffering inferiority complex syndrome. i support u and apologize u on everybody’s behalf.

  2. Sorry to say but there is just too much emphasis on dick size and shape in this site that is sometimes off-putting. Yes some of us do like the feeling of circumcised manhood and find them more aesthetic but there is more to Muslim men then their “cut dick”.

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