Hindu girl Anjali and Musalman Hubby

In 2014 Anjali met the musalman Mohammad Ibrahim during her college days, soon the hindu girl fell for the musallam. After experiencing the thick muslim sullah Anjali was certain that she would never be satisfied with a Hindu man. Another veggie upper caste hindu jain girl who fell in love with muslim meat.

Anajli’s father hated muslims with a passion and there was no way he would have agreed to the marriage.

Due to this the musalman because a fake hindu which Anjali’s father claims.

Hindu girls love to go for divorce musalman mards. Musalman mards are real mards good at spreading their seed.

One thought on “Hindu girl Anjali and Musalman Hubby

  1. My request to all jain girls…hamare parents kabhi nahi maante muslim husband ke liye….so what ….aaj ke zamaane me yeh sabh nahi chalta ….if we jain girls have muslim bf than we should marry them….agar hame muslim me convert bhi hona pade To bhi no big deal…we should live our life as we like…

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