Hindu girl challenged govt to marry a Musalman Mard

I, Anita, an Indian adult, was trying for the last two years to marry my boyfriend Aslam in Gurugram.
I tried to convince my parents, but they did not agree.

The judgment was in our favour and the court instructed the marriage registrar not to send any letter to my parents informing them about my marriage.

Now I am ready to marry, but I feel sad that my parents will not be a part of the ceremony.

I love them, but just because I fell in love with a Muslim boy, the equations have changed.

My parents do not accept a single paisa from my earnings as they feel I should not have fallen in love with a Muslim boy.

They told me to marry a Hindu man and tried to emotionally blackmail me by saying it would ‘save their honour’.

I told my parents that if I got married according to their wish, I would not be happy; and they too will be unhappy for life.

So what is the point of marrying someone else?

5 thoughts on “Hindu girl challenged govt to marry a Musalman Mard

  1. Very brave girl, especially going against your parents just for a muslim man. I hope you have a happy life and make many muslim babies.

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