Hindu girl fell for a Kashmiri Muslim guy

I’m Hindu and met my boyfriend when we were both 23. We worked together. While I stayed in Pune, he was from Kashmir.
I had the biggest crush on him, who wouldn’t – he was tall, fair, blue eyed, deep voice, intelligent (we were both engineers. He software and I industrial).

He liked me too, and everyone thought we’d make an ideal pair. We were meant for one another. Everybody could see how much we liked each other, except for us.

We were sent on a project for 3 months to Brussels, and on the flight got talking. This was the first time we were having intense conversations, until then we were just colleagues who hung out together (with other colleagues as well).

We got along really well, but none of us still figured out that the other was interested as well. Once back in Pune, we started hanging out a lot more.

One day I quit my job to join another place. After finishing my resignation formalities, I came home and he called. That is the day he told me he loved me, I ofcourse said that I did too. It was beautiful.

The best part was when I joined my new company there was a vacancy and I let him know, 15 days later he joined me. We spent a lot of time together.

We were both 25 by now, and knew that if we were in a relationship, we wanted it to culminate in marriage. However, since Muslims are portrayed to be backward and strict, I wasn’t sure how I’d managed.

He introduced me to his sister who lived in the states and we would regularly chat. He spoke about his family and made them seem quite modern, maybe not as much as mine, but still modern.

Now I come from a Sindhi background, where I could sit and share a drink with my father, wear whatever I pleased, party all night and it was considered normal.

About 6 months into the relation, he stopped answering my calls, didn’t reply to my messages and two days later tells me that he was cheating on me and has a girlfriend back in Kashmir for the last 5–6 years.

I was shattered. I cried myself to sleep everyday for the next week or so. Suddenly my best friend caught up with me and told me it was all a lie and he had told her he wanted to end it, because I wouldn’t adjust with a Muslim family. She promised she wouldn’t tell me, but seeing my condition she couldn’t help it.

Somehow I managed to convince my boyfriend if we loved each other so much, we would make it work. And he loved me so much, what else could I want.

The next year our parents met, albeit reluctantly.
Later We got engaged. It was a small family affair.
We were to marry the following year (no dates fixed).

Now I wasn’t a religious Hindu nor would I be a religious Muslim. Religion was just something I was born into, and would be marrying into. As such it wasn’t a big deal, and I didn’t mind converting if that’s what was needed.
My only condition was that I’d convert just before the wedding and not earlier.

All his cousins were educated (doctors, lawyers, microbiologists, journalists) but the family was strict and women were covered in burka.

At the last moment I realized that I wouldn’t be able to fit into his family. I called of the engagement. My boyfriend understood, and said that’s why he had tried breaking up with me earlier.

All I can say is the cultures are very different, there’s a lot of changes you will experience, go for it only if you are strong willed.

I did experience his muslim cock it was nice and big circumcised rod which explored every fold of my pussy and even though we are not together today still I remember those moans and how he used to fuck me within an inch of my life. Today I am married to someone else but still miss his lund and that feeling which I used to get while giving my body to the muslim bf to fuck.

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  1. This experience will life long n you will never forget

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