Hindu girl fell for muslim boy during Garba Dance Times of India

hindu girl in garba with muslim boy

The hindu woman was married just one-and-half month ago to a highly qualified man from Itwari. She was having an affair with  muslim boy Sheikh Shahrukh for the past two years after the two met during a garba dance programme. The woman’s parents were against she marrying Shahrukh over his low qualification and forced her to marry the man of their choice, a company secretary.
From Times of India

They girl was willingly in a close relationship with him and they had sex. The girl says he promised to marry her but didn’t so where is the rape. It was just a case of consensual sex with boyfriend promising the girl of marriage but later ditches her after the relationship went sour.
She could have not broken the marriage and continued to have sex outside the marriage with her muslim lover like many h women do or she could have eloped with him before the marriage OHHHH wait she married the hindu guy and found out that he was not that good, she had got a taste of something better from her muslim lover.
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6 thoughts on “Hindu girl fell for muslim boy during Garba Dance Times of India

  1. this is quite true i remember the time during my college when hindu gals of our college used to invite us for garba, there were 4 of us and those 4 hindu gals used to go as partner to do garba leaving hindu guys behind, most if the hindu guys just circle around and watch us dance and all of the time we ended up taking them to our flats and fuck them while playing garba music in the background

    1. These days hindu boys with btech mca earn less than musalman painters who earn 800 to 1000 rs daily around 25000 monthly while most of the degree holders dont have jobs and at the end they do jobs at lower pay around 10 to 12 thousand per month and they become depressed. At least this is what I saw in my area, most of the musalman boys in our area do painting job in the evening around 5 after the job they get smartly dresses take out their bikes and flirt with hindu girls, many of them even have hindu girlfriends and those boys look far more happy with their life than degree holders.

  2. This is 100% true. I said many times, people count how many hindu girls married to muslim males but they forget to count how many married hindu ladies have affairs with muslim males outside marriage. In some cases like me, it is even with knowledge of husband and in some cases wife cheat hindu husbands and sleep with muslims. One of my friends did not have a child for 6 years then in 1 garba night, his wife flirted with a muslim stud after 15 days it was revealed that she got pregnant.
    Many married Hindu girls get pregnant after Garba and their husbands are scared and want to ban muslim males from garba.
    This is the reason

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