Hindu girl fights to be with her Musalman Boyfriend : Video

We also see it on the internet when a hindu girl goes with a muslim guy or some story breaks out between hindu girls and muslim boys it quickly turns out into a battleground between h!ndu girls and H guys. The H guys object and tell h girls to stay away from muslim guys which triggers hindu girls who then assert their right to be choose muslim boyfriends :). Same happens in real life too the hindu girl becomes devi ka roop and is enough the muslim boy doesn’t even have to lift a finger.

Hboy – Hamari behan betio ko fasa kar unke saath maze le rahe ho (You lure and trap our sisters and daughters :p
She refuses to leave without her muslim boyfriend. Hboy in the video- he has lured you into his trap. Hgirl replies- He didn’t lure me I lured him ( Maine fasaya isko ).

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