Hindu Girl From Rich Business Family Runs With With Musalman Gym Trainer: Interesting Reactions

Every single day hindu girls run away with musalman mards its nothing new.

This is just another story.
A hindu girl from a rich business family runs away with Musalman Gym Trainer who was already married and had 3 kids, well the musalmans can handle 4 at a time.

The hindu girl was real hot and she fell for the musalman hunk.

While in the comments some Hboys blamed hindu girls, that they are foolish other blamed musalman for doing lovejihad.
The Hboys coudn’t fathom why hindu girls keep running away with KatMullahs well here is the answer to the secret

Hguy says gym and dance coaching have become den of lovejihad.
Hguy says hindu girls are stupid when Hguy approaches a hindu girl they reject hindu guy. Tgey have become oversmart due to feminism and women empowerment.
Hguy posts list of recent court marriages in maharashtra where so marry hindu girls married musalman mards.
Hboy Ashish says he tries to educate hindu girls but they don’t listen

2 thoughts on “Hindu Girl From Rich Business Family Runs With With Musalman Gym Trainer: Interesting Reactions

  1. Even I have noticed that a lot of gym and dance coaches are Muslims. I never really cared about their religion before but now I know why I used to get so much attention from them… A girl in our gym has hired a private trainer who is not from the gym. He comes and leaves with her. That’s a cute arrangement. Trainer during day and lover during night 😉
    Anyways my contact is [email protected]
    Fb –

    1. Aishwarya Ma’am its true that most of gym trainers and dancers are muslim men. these muslim men are succesfully proving that they r better than hindu men. so many hardcore hindu men are trying very hard to save girls. but ultimately everybody will fail. Muslim boys look better, have better sex stamina, confident and they r winning hearts of hindu girls.

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