Hindu girl in front of Hindu VS Hindu girl in front of Musalman

The true submissive nature of a hindu girl reveals itself in front of superior Musalman mards.

Here is the thing- If hindu men are so good then just make an educated Hindu girl wear Ghoonghat. In reality they can’t even if a hindu boy would try to tell a hindu girl to wear Ghoonghat hindu girl will in turn kick hindu boy’s butt.
But with superior musalman men its entirely different ball game. There have been countless instances and it happens very often that no matter how liberal, educated or independent the girl is once a Hindu girl experiences rock hard circumcised Musalman Lund. Once she gets floored by the musalman mard in the bed the hindu girl by her own free starts wearing Hijab and even burka.

Hindu girl in front of Musalman mards

Same Hindu Girl

Musalman mard maza le rahe hai.

Once a hindu girl experiences Miya Bhai’s rod everything else becomes secondary.

One thought on “Hindu girl in front of Hindu VS Hindu girl in front of Musalman

  1. Isme galat kya hai? Hindu dresses hote hi aise hai jisme peeth dikhti hai. Hindu ladkiya dono religions ko respect karti hai. Hume bhi accha lagta hai jab hamari maa, behene aur friends peeth dikhane wali saree pehenti hai tab.
    – Sachin ([email protected])

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