Hindu Girl Kavya Goes Wild

Here I was, standing in front of the Moroccan boy, stark naked and ready for the night of my life. My parents were out of town and Hakim and I thought that it would be fun if we had sex right between their soft, silky sheets. Fun, daring and dangerous if they were to ever catch us. I was ready to receive his massive cock in every hole in my body and I was not going to be shy about cumming right here in the sacred sanctuary of my very conservative mother and father. They were not here and there was nothing they could do to stop me!

One month earlier
I met this beautiful boy from Morocco at the market just a few months ago and we had so far been enjoying our time together. He was a handsome guy, blessed with beautiful chocolate skin, curly brown hair and big brown eyes that made me melt every time I looked at them. His name was Hakim and he had moved with his family from Morocco to India in search of a better life.

Hakim’s English was not the best but all in all, he was sweet and kind young man who had a hint of shyness to his demeanour. At 23 years of age, he had worked hard to help his father put food on the table and really, there was nothing about him that I disliked.

For the past couple of months, we had progressed from passionate make out sessions to intense fingering. I remember one day, behind my University’s dining hall, he pulled my skirt up and tugged at my lace panties with his brawny hands.

“You are sure about this, Kavya? I don’t want to do it if you are not comfortable.” He always kept things polite and never rushed me but, I wanted more from the Muslim boy. I wanted to fuck the wild animal I knew lay deep inside of his handsome body.

“Come on Hakim. I want this so much. I know my parents are not happy that I, a Hindu girl, am friends with a Muslim boy and I know they would kill me if they saw us right now but, sneaking around makes it that much hotter!” I purred at him, my soft lips brushing against his.

I took Hakim’s hand and helped him slide his fingers between my pussy lips and soon, he was fingering me to multiple orgasms. I had to cover my mouth so that my moans could not be heard by the people in the dining hall but it was hard not to give in to the pleasure completely.

After months of passionate fingering, blowjobs and other timid stuff, I had decided to invite him to my parents’ house so we could officially fuck. They were out of town and I wanted to use this time to enjoy his hot body. It took no time for us to get on each other and soon, we were naked right in my parents’ bedroom…

Back to the present day
The dim light of the bedroom brought out Hakim’s best features, from his masculine jaws to his broad shoulders and perfectly toned skin. He lay on the bed, his massive cock throbbing as his brown eyes traced every inch of my curvy body.

“Come to me baby!” he grumbled, his deep voice luring me in with every note.
I slowly crawled up onto the bed like a seductive cat and traced his body with the tip of my tongue. I could feel his skin trembling underneath me and felt his big dick firming up against my body.
Hakim and I kissed passionately for a few minutes, our tongues doing the sexy tango together as his hands ran down my back and squeezed my fleshy ass. We pulled away from each other for a brief moment before Hakim turned me onto my back and began eating my pussy out.

“Oh yes, yes baby! Go deeper please!” I moaned, urging him to slide his tongue deeper into my pussy. Hakim complied and it wasn’t long before I came all over him, legs trembling with desire.
“Take me now, please!” I whispered a sexy command to him.
If my parents walked in on us they would sure murder Hakim and cast me out for good. But, who cares when sex feels so damn good?

Hakim slowly pushed his big dick between my pussy lips and began to thrust in and out, his fingers playing with my clitoris for better stimulation. I wrapped my legs around his body and pulled him in as he continued to fuck me silly.
“I want it in my ass!” I moaned out loudly.
I had never had anal sex before and it was definitely frowned upon in both our families but alas, I could give two shits!

Hakim manoeuvred me into all fours and enter my tight anus with his trembling cock. The sheer size of it gave me sweet pain but I like that. The young Moroccan fucked me hard, grabbing onto my round butt with his hands for better grip and after long passionate moments, we both came with sexy force.
“That was amazing!” Hakim whispered, as we collapsed onto the soft sheets, our bodies sedated with erotic pleasure!

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