Hindu Girl Likes Musalman BF’s Samaan Comments on his Pic And H Boys Reaction

India is changing all because of Hindu girls, the dynamics are changing with hindu girls getting more power.
Shrivastava hindu girl in relationship with Musalman Talha Sheikh but thats not it.
The Modern day hindu girls are not afraid to speak their mind.
Do hindu girls like musalman ka samaan ? Of course they do but not everyone has the courage to speak about it in public though as by nature girls do give subtle hints sometimes. Shrivastava hindu girl upon seeing her Musalman boyfriend Hardon Says “Samaan” and then she says “All Mine”
She posts his pic with a caption
Modern day hindu girls are not afraid to speak their mind as a hindu boy I must say these modern day hindu girls hindu ladko ko kuch samajhti he nahi aaj kal.
She later deleted that comment about “Samaan” as few Hindu boys like the one below got jealous started abusing her in DM.
But hindu girls are no less they are equally strong enough to give a befitting reply to Hboys who question their choices. She says you motherfucker mind your business. Why you hboys have a problem.
This Hguy went on a lovejihad rant in a reddit group that what is happening to hindu girls today why they are running after musalmans
Cozy with musalman bf Talha. Musalmans are giving real anand to hindu girls. See the satisfaction on her face.

1:16 am posts pic of musalman bf shez with him.


5 thoughts on “Hindu Girl Likes Musalman BF’s Samaan Comments on his Pic And H Boys Reaction

  1. Ek bar muslim ka musal ghus gaya to ladki ko fir aur kuch pasand nahi ata. Ye wo jadooo hai jiske upar koi aur jadoo nahi chalta. heheh bewkoof log love jihad bolte hain ye to asli me lund jihad hai.
    kik: deviarti
    hangout: [email protected]

    1. Hi Arti– hum itne achche se baat kar rahe thhe hangouts per. But aapne mujhe block kyu kia behen? Pls Unblock me fast . Bohot important baat share karni hai.

      1. I did submit this post !
        Thanks for sharing
        She was literally jaw dRopping seeing his c0ck
        I have masturbated thinking about him taking on bhrahm!n girl !
        So hot
        Thanks for finally posting.

  2. Now finally ..hindu namard also facing the reality …who the real mard is ?….ony muslim mard
    hm hindu aurto life m agar koi hamne asli sukh koi de rha h to ohh…muslim mard hi h jo hame asli mard se milwa rhe h …bed par musalim mard ke niche jo maza h …ohh ab hindu namard smjh rhe h ..or ab ohh bhi hm hindu aurto ko muslim mard ke sath soch kar ..apni luli hila rhe h ..bechare ke luli se pani bhi to nhi niklata shi se…hahaha…
    hindu aurto ko sukh ab hindu namard hi dilwayenge …apni smane hmane jb ghanto tak muslim mard ke niche ndekhenge to pata lag jayega mard kya hot h ..or hindu aurto ko muslim lund ke niche aaane ki jaldi kyu h
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