Hindu girl makes a video on muslim lover & conversion to islam

Talking about urges, Hindu girls develop urges for musalman mards from young age coz you know Musalman mards have the x factor they are real mards.

The Hboys targeted her for spreading love jihad later she deleted the video. The the bigger question is will that stop hindu girls from going for Muslim Lunds. The answer is No.

Video of hindu girl which she uploaded on tiktok which has become a hub for lovejihad according to many hboys. In the video the hindu girl Priya depicted that she loves a Muslim guy but when she tells her father her father slaps her and she converts to islam and goes with her musalman lover.

Hindu girl’s video

Its worth noting that while hboys accuse musalmans of ssystematically luring hindu girls the truth is that hindu girls are the biggest promoters of love jihad they love befriending Musalman mards.

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