Hindu Girl Marries 30 Year old Married Muslim Man And Supports Him in her video statement

As said earlier lovejihad is an unstoppable force love nature. Hindu girls cant stay way from the katbullahs.

Same old story- Hindu girl runs away with superior Katbullah lund. Hindu family and society then accuses the musalman of trapping and kidnapping hindu girl. Hindu girl comes out and supports the musalman and says she did it willingly.

Hindu girl in the video statement said that she had been in relationship with the married musalman mard Akeel Khan since 5 years.
She also said that because she has married a musalman that’s why she is being targeted. She says she is happy with the musalman.

Hboy after seeing the video. ( Kya kare hindu bhai Musalman ka hota he itna mast hai, musalman k laude mai kuch aur he baat h, hindu ladkiyo ko deewana bana deta hai.)

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