Hindu Girl Marries Arab Musalman In Bahrain


The marriage lasted 3 days and included both hindu and musalman ritutals.

Their story as posted on Nat Geo’s official page.
Alym met Payal at a gym. She didn’t give him any attention, as she saw all the other girls comment on how cute he was. It was only after a few months of his persistence for a date that she finally gave him a chance. Whilst Payal has a reputation for throwing amazing parties wherever she is, Alym is known for being calm: A marriage that reinforces the idea that opposites attract. Here, the Hindu bride weds the Muslim groom in a three-day wedding celebration in Bahrain.

In spite of all the other girls hitting at the musalman Alym, Payal didn’t give him any attention to begin with, may be she was hopeless with so many girls eying him or she wanted to be different from the crowd. The musalman mard on the other hand was up for the challenge, he wanted this hindu girl . He was relentless, not ready to give up and Payal couldn’t resist the musalman mard for too long , eventually she said yes.

Payal on khalljtime


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