Hindu girl marries her Musalman friend in Pakistan

A Hindu girl tied the knot with his childhood Muslim friend after converting to Islam, with their families properly solemnising the marriage in Pakistan’s southern Sindh province. The family of G.D Khatri willingly allowed their daughter to convert to Islam in order to marry her childhood friend Bilal Qaimkhani.

Indian express calls it rare because usually the families in such marriages (usually the girl’s family) show disagreement but in this case both the families agreed to the marriage.

Reality Check:

In the past there have been cases of hindu girls like Dr. Lata and Asha in pakistan marrying muslims and choosing to live with their muslim husbands in the court.

There have been cases of Indian hindu girls marrying pakistani muslim males.

There have also been cases where hindu girls/women have been in love or having an affair with pakistani males and it happens more.

There is even a case where an Indian Hindu Boy changed his sex for his Pakistani musalman lover.

Yami Gautam said marrying a pakistani is a serious issue. Now Yami Gautam has a crush on pakistani males its a fact. She her self revealed that she had a big crush on Shahid Afridi.
Yami would fancy marrying a pakistani musalman but she knows its difficult and can be very controversial.

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