Hindu Girl Mayuri And Aslam

2008: Aslam is a Muslim from Mumbai and Mayuri is a Hindu from Agra. Aslam is into property development and is also an event manager. He has a Masters degree in Commerce and has done his MBA from the US. Mayuri is a Commerce Graduate and has done PGDMC and a Software Development course. She is currently freelancing as a Creative Director in the television Industry. They met in 2001 at an exhibition organized by Aslam in Delhi. Mayuri was a student then and came for promotions.

In the first 5 days of the exhibition Aslam proposed to her and she agreed immediately. (Mayuri being a hindu girl couldn’t resist the musalman mard.)

(Then they had xxx after which she was left blown away by the musalman’s katbullah, the rest they say is history.)

Mayuri’s family has begun to accept Aslam, but her mother calls him Amar – a Hindu name – to avoid any social hassles. Mayuri is prepared to covert to get married to Aslam.

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