Hindu Girl Nikah With LoveJihadi Muslim: Interesting Reactions By Hindu Boys

Behold the power of musalman katbullah

The power of Mullah Seduction:
Richa says in the video- The second that I looked at him I fell in love.

Now there were many Hboys but she fell for the musalman mard at first sight.

He open his phone and wrote I love you. He passed the phone and said look at this” – Richa

Reactions as usual Hindu girls in the comments supporting the marriage while Hboys showing outrage leading to a tussle between Hgirls and Hboys.

Hboy Rage below he says “these stupid hindu girls like sucking muslim dicks”

Kya kare Kate hue mai jitna maza milta hai hindu ladkiyo ko waisa Anand Hindu ladke nahi de pate jaisa anand mulle dete hai.

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