Hindu girl sex with muslim stud during Garba

I am Anita Thakur from Indore a 22 year old hindu girl sharing with you a short account of what happened last year during Garba night, it was the night when I got laid with a muslim boy named Rehan. I have many friends three of which have muslim boyfriends. From the beginning they openly tell me that they prefer them, they say that they dont like uncut cocks its more enjoyable for them to suck cut circumcised cocks. Now these three girls invited their boyfriends to Garba dandiya night consequently some of the muslim friends of their boyfriends also came along with them.

We were together as a group so the interactions between us were imminent. A boy named Rehan started taking interest in me he was the friend of my friend Nikita’s boyfriend.

That night I was in a deep back and low waist saree, my fair skin was visible and it was turning Rehan on. As we danced together I remember Rehan caressed my waist and exposed back at least two times.
Prior to this my friends had already told me that they are not gonna sleep tonight and will get laid, I was also excited and wanted sex.

This was not the first time I saw Rehan. I had met him once before with my friend Nikita. Rehan and I became facebook friends after that. I watched him on facebook many times, I got the impression that he was a bit radical and used to share posts against hindu beliefs. But still I was getting attracted to his boldness and fearless badass attidute like many muslim males have. I was hungry, I had made up my mind that if this dude Rehan tries to go physical with me I won’t stop him, thats why when he touched me I didn’t say anything and gave a smile. He looked experienced and his intentions were clear to me.

After a few minutes he said “come with me.”
He took me outside away from all the noise and loud music. I inquired, why come here; he said he wants to have a conversation with me alone. In the middle of that long conversation he said to me that he likes me from the first day.

He asked me if I am willing to go with him to his room where there will be no one except us to which I agreed.
On his bike we reached the room, inside we sat close to one another as he touched me. Then kissed me to which I responded positively and seeing that I am willing he went berserk like a beast. He kissed and licked my waist and back, all the areas of the body which were visible from outside the saree, then undressed me and ogled at my fair naked body.

Rehan took out his fat and long circumcised cock and it was the biggest I had ever seen in reality. He moved closer and stood in front of me with his straight erect cock in front of my face. Then he said, what are you thinking, kya soch rahi ho. I casually said to him, so the gossips were true.
What gossips, he asked.
The gossips about muslim cocks to be ultra hard, bigger and beautifully shaped, said I.
He smiled and said, he isn’t surprised since he has been in relationship with many hindu girls in the past so he knows what many of them fantasize about.
He said, ek baar Chak k dekhlo.

I sucked and licked his cock, I had never sucked any cock before this with so much joy it was the first muslim cock that I was sucking. I liked rolling my tongue over it licking that big cock head of his.
That night I got rammed, he didn’t sleep the whole night neither did I and kept using me in different positions again and agian without getting tired. It was enjoyable no one had ever fucked me for so long before this, with his great sexual vigor I was satisfied fully. It was the start after this I also started fancying them……

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  1. rajputo mai to riwaz hota tha apni ladkiyo ko musalmano ko de kar chudwana pehle rajput log musalmano ko rijhane k liye apni betiya musalman Kings ko dete the haha

  2. Musalmaan naukar mere behan ke jism ka maalik hai..!!
    Hello friends mera naam asmit singh hai. I live in xyz village in UP. Mere family mein mere pita jee (45), mummy (39) and chhoti behan nisita hai jo ki 17 saal ki hai. Meri behan ka figure is around 34-28-30. Her height is about 5’4”. My sister nisita singh has jus started intermediate, she is fair and looks like a hindu devi. I want to share a story about my hindu sister being used and abused by our tractor driver who is horny musalmaan of about 32, 5’7” tall, dark in complexion, his belly is slightly out and he is as ugly as hell.
    Jaise sab ladkiyo ko hota hai jawani mein waise meri behan ko bhi hua. Uske jawani nein uske ander dastak diya aur uske liye lund dhundhne ko kaha. School mein uska bf the sunil usi ke class ka ek ladka. Usne meri behan ko 4-5 baar choda tha. Par ab school khatam ho jaane ki wajah se woh ladka jo ki dusre gaon se tha further studies ke liye bade cities chala aaya jabki meri behan nein udhar ke hi ek inter-college mein admission le liya. Meri behan ko chudwaye hue jyada din ho gaya tha aur chudwane ki aadat lagne ki wajah se usko hamesh lund ki talash rehne lagi.
    Now coming to the story.
    It all started when abdullah started using the hand-pump (which is outside the house but within the boundry wall) for bath. Around the handpump there are few bushy flower trees. So it’s like a bit private with bushes around. Once while abdullah was bathing my sister had to go to pluck flowers. Meanwhile plucking the flower when she saw towards abdullah he had soap applied all over his body, his face and his eyes were closed. Aur abdullah ke hath uske kachchhe ke under uske lund par saboon lagane mein busy the. Uski patli kachchi se abdullah ke lund ki shape saaf dikhayi de rhi thi. Meri behan uske kachchhe mein uske lund kk shape ko dekh kar ek tak dekhti hi reh gayi. Jab abdullah nein apne upar paani daala toh uska lund aur visible ho gaya, jis se meri behan ki jawani ka ehsaas use hua aur meri behan ke jism ke ander gud gudi hone lagi. Muh par se paani saaf karne ke baad abdullah nein chupke se meri behan ki taraf dekha toh usko apna lund ghurta hua dekh liya. Par fir v anjaan bana rha aur anjaane ka naatak karke usne kachchhe ke bahar apna lund nikala aur use paani se saaf karne laga. Uska woh mota kaala kata hua lund dekh kar meri behan ki choot mein sirhan hone lagi. Abdullan anjaan bana nahane ka bahana kar ke meri behan ko apne lund ki darshan kara rha tha. Is se pehle nishita ko lage ki abdullah nein use dekh liya hai, woh waha se chupke se hatt gayi aur ander chali gayi. Halaki meri behan apne bf sunil se chud chuki thi par uska lund toh abdullah ke aadha ke barabar v nai tha. Abdullah ka moosal lund soch soch kar meri behan ki choot se ras ki dhaar beh rhi thi. Agli subah v kuch aise hi hua aur nisita ko lage ki abdullah ko pata chal jayega woh waha se pehle hi khisak jaati par use kya pata tha ki abdullah use jaan bujh kar apna lund dikha dikha kar garam kar rha hai. Is dauraan ek do baar abdullah aur meri behan ki aankh aapas mein takrai par abdullah nein koi reaction nhi diya. Ab meri behan ko uske lund ko besabri se apne chut ke andar dalwane ki ichchha thi. Jis ke karan meri behan nein use bhookhe hone ke signals dene lagi. Jaise kam kapade pehanna yh jyada tight yh fir ek dum loose pehan kar apne jism ki numaish karne lagi, par abdullah anjaan bana rha, woh meri behan ke munh se sunana chahta tha ki woh use chode. Ab meri behan se sabar nni ho rha tha, aur subah jab mummy khana banane mein busy rehti aur papa khet ghumne jaate toh meri behan bahar hi nahane lagti aur jab woh bahar nahati toh light coloured kurta pehanti aur ander koi under garments nhi, kapade bheeg jaane par uska pura jism saaf saaf dikhta. Uske nipples nahane aur garam hone ki wajah se kadak ho jaate the aur uske kurte ko faad kar bahar aane ko betaab hote. Fir v abdullah koi pehal nhi karta, kai dafa toh meri behan flowers ke jhadiyo ke peeche ja kar change karti aur sirf apna face flowers ki leaf ki height par le jaati aur neeche stem ke peeche change karti aur abdullah saaf saaf uske sarir ko naked dekhta aur uska lund khada ho jaata.

  3. Dosto ab aage…
    Meri behan abdullah ko seduce karne mei lagi thi jab ki abdullah use ignore kar rha tha. Halaki abdullah kisi tarah khud par control karke rakhta tha warna woh toh kab ka samajh chuka tha ki meri behan uske lund ki dewaani…!! ha i mean same sirf aur sirf uske lund ki deewani ho chuki hai. Par woh chahta tha ki meri behan uske lund ke liye gidgidaye aur saath randiyo jaisa behave kar sake. Meri behan uska lund paane ke liye itna bekaabu ho chuki thi ki woh ab su su karne ke liye bathroom nhi balki ghar ke boundry waal ke bheeter kahi kone mein karti jaha se abdullah use susu karte dekh sake. Meri behan uske lund ko apni chut haar baithi thi. Aur woh bas meri behan ko gidgidata hua dekh kar chodna chahata hai. Woh meri behan ko sharto par chodna chahata tha taki meri behan uski katputli ban sake. Nisita ki jawani ab kaboo se bahar ho rhi thi aur abdullah ke aage woh besharam hoti jaa rhi thi. Woh apna laaj aur dharam sab bhool baithi thi, use toh sirf ek cheez dikhayi deti thi- abdullah ka bada sa kala kate hue lund ka topa. Meri behan uske musalmaani lund ki pooja karna chahati thi, use choomna chahti thi, choosna chahati thi, uske kale kate hue lund ko pyaar karna chahati thi aur woh chahati thi ki uska lund uski chut ki gehraiyo mein sama kar uske musalmaani paani se uske chut ki garmi ko bujha sake. Ab toh subah jab ghar khaali hai aur mummy ander kitchen mei hoti hai toh meri behan abdullah ke saath nahane lagti hai. Woh handpump ke charo taraf biche cemented square ke upar aamne samne baithte the. Meri behan jab abdullah ke saath nahane jaati toh sirf kurta mein nahane jaati aur kurta ke aage aur peeche ke flip se uski gand aur chut dhaki rehti par jab woh abdullah ke samne baith kar nahati toh uska pura chut aur gand abdullah ko dikhta. Saaboon lagane ke bahane woh apne boobs bahar nikalkar dabati, chut mein saboon laga kar ungli karti par jaise ki sirf naha rhi hi aur woh abdullah ki taraf dekhti v nhi thi nahate waqt par uske lund ko jaroor baar baar ghoorti, abdullah v apna lund saboon lagane ke bahane bahar nikaal leta aur waise hi chod deta jabki meri behan uske lund ko pyasi najaro se dekh kar apne boobs dabati aur chut aur gand sehlati aur ungli karti aur yeh sab saboon lagane ka bahana rehta. Fir meri behan thoda baju mein ja kar salwaar nikaal kar full nangi ho jaati hai aur fir apna salwaar lekar handpump ke paas rakhe baalti mein sirf se bhigone lagti hai woh v nangi hoke.woh aise karke jhuk kar khadi thi ki uski gand abdullah ke theek face ke samne tha. abdullah joki abhi v baith hua tha thodi der meri behan ki hilti hui gand dekhta hai aur fir khada ho jaata hai jis se uska lund meri behan ki chut aur gand se takarata hai. Uske garam aur kadak lund ko feel karte hi meri behan ke rome roam khada ho jaate hai. Uske chootar par kai saare halke halke kaanto jaise hair tane hue khade ho jaate hai. Meri behan chahati hai ki abdullah apna lund uski chut mein daal kar use dhanya karde par eh kya abdullah toh waise hi khada hai bina hile dole. Meri behan fir se haath hila hila kar apni salwaar bhigane lagti hai par yaha uske hath kam gand abdullah ke lund par jyada hil rahe hote hai. Woh apna saara dhyaan apne peeche khade abdullah ke lund par laga deti hai aur apne chut se uske lund ko feel karti hai, meri behan ki choot abdullah ke lund ke suapde ka sparsh karna chahati thi aur jab usne abdullah ke lund ke supade ko apne chut ke entrance mein feel kiya toh woh peeche dhakel kar uska lund under lene ki try karne lagi aur abdullah ke lund ka supada uske chut ke ched se fisal kar lips ko ragadte hue neeche ko chala gaya jis se meri behan sihar uthi aur saath hi saath apne honth ko kaatne lagi. Par abdullah itni aasaani se use asli lund ka swaad nhi dena chahata tha. Woh toh nisita ki chut, gand aur muh sab chodna aur apne musalmaan doston se chudwana chahta tha aur woh v nishart. Abdullah waha se hatt gaya aur change kar ke gaon mein chala gaya. Meri behan v kapade badal kar ander chali gayi. Eh pehli martawa nhi tha jab meri behan ke gaand aur chut ko abdullah ke lund ka sparsh mila hai ha par yeh bina kapado ke pehli baar tha. Is se pehle kai baar abdullah ghar ke kaamo mein help karne ke liye jab aata tha toh meri behan use hand diya karti thi aur fir kuch oopar rakhna ho yh oopar rakhi hui cheez utarna ho toh kai baar 5-5 mins tak meri behan uske aage satt kar khadi ho jaati hai usko help karne ke liye aur meri behan apna gand dheere dheere uske lund par dabati aur ragadti nisita uske god mein anjaane mein kai dafa baith jaati hai. Jis se uski gand ka sparsh uske lund par hota. Overall kavi v meri behan apna hadd tod kar us se apni chudai ki bheekh mangne waali thi.

  4. Jab har tarah se seduce karne ke baad v meri behan ko abdullah nei apne lund ki sair nhi karwai toh meri behan nein khud se hi uske lund ki sawaari karne ki thaan li. Usne har tarah se socha fir meri hindu behan jo musalmaan ke lund ki randi banana chahati hai nein ek idea nikala. Uske mutabik raat ko jab sab so gaye toh woh uthi aur chup ke se uske room jo ki ghar ke main door ke bahar hi tha mein pahoch gayi. Waha bahar lagi hui bulb ki dim light thi aur ander ek khatiye par abdullah mast se sirf lungi pehan kar so rha tha. Meri behan chup ke se uske bagal mei gayi aur fir halke haatho se usne uske lund ko feel kiya jo ki sayad abdullah ke saath saath soya hua tha. Meri behan jaanti thi ki abdullah ke saath itna kuch ho chuka hai ki use darne ki koi baat nhi hai. Fir halki roshni mein meri behan nei uske lungi ki openings jo alag kiya aur fir uske lund ko sehlaane lagi fir haatho mein pakada. Murjhaya hua hone ke bawjood uska lund kareeb 4” tha. Meri behan nein uske lund ko apni ungliyo ke beech mein lekar pakada aur fir uska dheere dheere hilane lagi. Lund par ab tak koi harkat nhi thi. Meri behan nein aage badh kar uske lund ko kareeb se dekhne ki try kari aur fir usne apna lips aage badha kar uske tope ko kiss kiya. Fir lick kiya aur fir muh mein le liya aur sirf uske tope ko choosne lagi, turant hi lund mein harkat hui aur woh bada hone laga. Abdullah jagg gaya tha par chup chaap leta rha. Meri behan nisita uske lund ka topa chos kar uske lund ko turant hi khada kar deti hai. Aaj pehli baar nisita nei lund choosa hai par usne blue films wagairah mein dekh kar lund choosna sikh liya. Usko abdullah ke lund ka swaad ajeeb lagta hai par yehi swaad uske chut ko pagal banaye hue tha. Kuch der baad jab abdullah ka lund puri tarah kadak aur garam ho jaata hai toh meri behan use apne mouth se bahar nikalti hai aur fir use neeche se upaar ki ore apni tounge nikal kar chatte jaati hai. Fir apni jeev uske tope ke upar gol gol ghumati hai aur fir se munh ke ander le leti hai. Abdullah meri behan ki mulayam aur garam munh ko chup chap apne lund se feel kar rha tha. Jab abdullah ko laga ki ab woh aur nhi handle kar payega toh woh jhat se uth baith aur poocha kaun?
    Meri behan nein jawab diya.. “Jee main”
    ”yaha kya kar rhi ho..?”
    ”jee woh.. Mai woh.. Woh aapki sewa karne aai thi…!”
    ”toh yeh kya kar rhi thi..?Mere lund ke saath.”
    ”jee.. (ab woh thoda confident, garam ho chuki thi).. Usi ki toh sewa kar rhi thi..”
    ”dekho, mujhe tumse yeh sab sewa nhi karwaani hai,..”
    ”aakhir kyu.. Kya problem hai mere mein..mai kuch v karne ke liye tayyar hu.. Please..! Karne dijiye na..?”
    ”nhi.. Bilkool nhi..!!
    Wajah yeh hai ki tum bahut choti ho aur mai kaafi bada hu,
    tum meri ichchhaye pura nhi kar paogi,
    toh achchhai isi mein hai ki tum apni umar ke kisi ladke ko dhund lo..”
    ”mai sab kar lungi..
    Aap jaisa kahenge jo kahenge karungi
    bas aap mujhe apne lund ki daasi bana li jiye.”
    meri behan nein lund sabd ka paryog kiya toh abdullah do kadam aage ko badh kar bola.. “dekho mai musalmaan hu aur maine bahut saari ladkiyo ki chut aur gand maari hai aur bahut saare ladko ki gand v maari hai, aur hum musalmaano ko achcha yeh lagta hai ki hum kisi ki chut aur gand dono ek saath maar sake..!
    Aur tum avi chhoti ho yeh tum nhi seh sakti..”
    ”mai sab kuch kar lungi aap ke liye.. Please..! Mujhe aur matt tadpaiye.. Ab chod dijiye mujhe yh fir meri gand mariye mujhe bas aap ka lund apne ander chahiye..”
    ”mai bahut jaleel karke chodta hu aur bahut gaali v deta hu, kya tum yeh seh paogi..??”
    ”mai aap ki randi hu.. Aap ki kutiya hu. Mujhe jo karna hai kariye bas mujhe apke neeche bichana hai..”
    ”kavi kavi hum 2-3 dost mil kar kisi ladki ko chodte hai aur use 3 lundo ka sukh ek saath dete hai.. Kya tum eh karogi..??”
    ” mai aapki randi hu aap jab v chahe aur jis se v chahe mujhe chudwa sakte hai.. Bas meri ijjat ka khayal rakhiyega..”
    ”ok.. Theek hai..!!”
    ”chal re randi ab choos mera lund..
    bahut dino se dekh rha hu ki tu kitni utawali ho rhi hai randi banane ke liye aaj se tu hum musalmaano ki randi hai”
    meri behan uska lund kisi bhookhi billi ki tarah choosne lagti hai…

  5. Jab abdullah nein meri behan se har shart manwa liya toh meri behan ko abdullah nein apna lund choosne ko kaha. Meri behan uski lund ko apni hontho lips aur gale se poora feel kar rhi thi..!
    Aur abdullah baar baar bolta.. Aah! Kitni lund choosi hai tune aajtak jo ki itni pefectly choos rhi hai… AahhssssSs!!!
    Le mera musalmaani lauda apne pavitra munh mein.. aur zor se choos behnchod hindu chinaal..”
    meri behan uski galiyo se mast hoke uska lauda aur apne munh ke andar samane ki kosis karti hai fir pura bahar nikal kar bolti hai…” mere malik aapke lund ki tadap nei mujhe behaal banaya hua tha… Aapne apna lund mere munh mein deke mere hindu munh ko pavitra kar diya..”
    ”ab aur matt tadpao mujhe mere maalik.. Meri choot badi beshabri se aapke mote kate hue lund ki raah dekh rhi hai..” ”apne lund ki paani se mere ander ki devi ko jagao..” meri behan ko jawani ki tadap mitane ki itni jaldi thi ki woh kuch v keh rhi thi..
    Abdullah katiye par let kar hi meri behan ko nanga hone ka aadesh diya. meri kamsin behan jo ki muskil se 45 kg ki hogi us 75 kilo ke musalaan se khud ko raundwana chahati thi. Meri behan khatiye par se utari aur apni salwaar nikaal kar uske lund ki taraf badhne lagi. Meri behan nein abdullah ka bheega hua chamakdaar aur slippery lund ko apne chut dwaar par rakha aur dheere dheere uske upar baithne lagi.. Thodi muskil ke baad pura lund uskk choot mein gayab ho gaya. Meri behan nein apna haath uske seene par rakha aur uske aankho mein aankhe daa. Kar apni kamar aage peeche hillane lagi. Woh masti mein thi aur uski choot gili hone ki wajah se use abdullah ke mote lund se bada maza mil rha tha. Thodi der aise hi chodne ke baad abdullah nein meri behan ko neeche jhuka kar usi position mein hug kiya aur neeche se kas kas ke dhakke dene laga.. Dhakke jor daar the aur meri behan un dhakko se romanchit sii…ahh.. IiisssssUuuu.. Jaise halki moaning sounds nikaal rhi thi. Thap thap ki awaaz v aane lagi.. Abdullah nein apna hath peeche se le ja kar meri behan ke gand par ek ungli se gol gol ghumata hai fir thoda thuk le ja kar uske gand ki ched par lagata hai aur nisita ki chut chodte hue woh uski gand mein v ungli karne laga. Meri behan jawani ki maje ki nayi experiences ko explore karte uske saath randiyo jaisa behave karne lagi thi. Abdullah kareeb 5 mins aise chotda hai fir woh dono uthte hai meri behan ko abdullah khatiye par letne ko kehta hai meri behan let jati hai aur abdullah uske upar chadh jaata hai aur use raudne lagta hai. Meri goori behan ko agar devi banakar kisi jhaki mein rakh diya jaye toh log use devi samjh kar pooja karenge par meri devi jaisi behan is shaitaan jaise musalmaan ke lund ko apna devitow kho chuki hai. Meri behan abdullah ke liye sirf ek bhookhi choot thi jise woh daba kar chod rha tha. Abdullah jhadne ke kareeb aata hai toh woh meri behan se poochta hai ki bol re randi mera paani kidhar daalu tere munh mein yj choot mein…” . ”jidhar v daalo par mujhe shaant kar do..”
    woh jhat se uski upar khisak kar nishita ke seene par baith jaata hai aur apna supada meri behan ke munh mein daal kar apni musalmaani beej ki dhaar se meri behan ki munh ko bhar deta hai.
    “pee le poora.. Ek v jaya nhi jaana chahiye”.
    Aur meri behan nein uske agya ka palan karte hue uska saara pani pee gayi. Aur fir dono baate karne laga.
    “aap ka lund bahut bada aur garam hai..”
    “teri chut v kam nhi hai randi”
    kehte hue usne meri behan ki kurta v utar diya aur uske boobs ko kisi spongy ball ki tarah dabane laga. Meri behan ko uske khurdure hath ki moti moti ungliyo nein pagal bana diya tha. Woh aur seena taan kar khadi ho jaati hai aur abdullah aage badh kar aaram se uski dono kaali nipple ko dono hatho ki tip se pakad kar rabadta hai. Meri behan aaahhh… Se siskiya leti hai aur uska sustaya hue lund par apne hath rakh deti hai.

  6. why is it so tough to post ur stories here.. I’v posted few on comment leaving it upon the admin. I’ll post more if my story has a new page..
    Its rediculous…!!


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